Where did May go?

We’ve been enjoying this month, the rainbow shower trees are blooming, IMG_0755mangos are beginning to ripen, the cacti are blooming,IMG_0746 the trades are back and there has been a lull in the visitor traffic.  We have also had two seal pups born, PK1 was born to K22 and PK2 to K30, three days apart.  We spent Memorial Day pupsitting PK1.  Cute as can be, they are so very black and hairy when they are born.Rainbow 005

Half the time we are watching, we worry if the pup is getting enough milk, I always want to hold the pup up to the “spigot”  They do seem to be able to find it, and they will grow by leaps and bounds, getting to close to 200 lbs in 6 weeks.IMG_0759

We do enjoy sitting at a lovely beach listening to the waves and making sure everything is good.  Not too shabby!  We will take turns sitting on the beach and observing until about a month after mom weans the pup.  They are usually weaned between 5-7 weeks old.  That is the time span that they are the most vulnerable.IMG_0766

Other than pup sitting, we always seem to have plenty to do.  Every week Charlie has softball, practice 2X per week plus the Saturday game.

I was talked into learning to BON dance, the buddhist circle dance honoring ancestors.  We had a practice first at our local temple and a second at Hanapepe.  I’m starting to get it, despite having two left feet.  The dance consists of 16 songs, depicting different activities, harvesting rice, drumming, mining, and various other activities that I haven’t interpreted yet.  The series takes about an hour, there are two every weekend, Friday and Saturday nights, starting in June and ending in late July….if you go to all of them, you become quite proficient.  This was the beginning of the first Bon dance of the summer.Rainbow 001

Every now and again I am reminded that we are a small island when I walk next door to the community center and see the following relic (and they are found throughout the island).IMG_0750I was lucky enough to be invited by Jamie to go check out K30’s new pup PK2, who was born one day after PK1, however, she birthed again up on the Na Pali coast on a remote beach.  We again rode up on Captain Tara’s zodiac (Captain Nat was operating this boat), about an hour ride, where she dropped us off to swim to shore.  Jamie gave me the dry bag to push through the waves and he took the two signs that we planned to put up.  His swim was more challenging because he had to keep them somewhat dry and keep them from submerging.

K30, again had a healthy pup, this year it’s a boy.IMG_1185

After posting signs and taking pictures, we settled down to wait for our ride back.  Unfortunately, Captain Nat had engine troubles and was delayed for a while.   She did get one of the two started and we limped back to the harbor….only 2 hours late for the next charter she had booked.  The trip was a huge success for we saw not only spinner dolphins, but also bottlenose dolphins. They’re considerably larger than the spinners.  We did see a young seal with a hook, but unfortunately we can’t do too much out in the open water.

While returning past PMRF, we observed navy osprey planes landing and taking off on the beach.  One pilot even gave us the shaka out the window.  They certainly are strange looking.IMG_0770

Otherwise, life goes on, and we seem to spend increasing time monitoring seals.

While driving into Lihue the other evening, we saw a spectacular display.  a wide rainbow of colors jutting straight up into the heavens, what a sight!  People were pulling over just to take pictures.  You can see the second rainbow just starting to form on the left of the photo below.IMG_0787On to June…viva Kauai!Rainbow 019


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