The Canadians are back -its that time of the year

With EKK resuming and multiple seals visiting, we’ve been very busy.  We’ve had strong winds, more rain than usual and it’s been cool, upper 70’s in the day and mid 60’s at night.  We have been enjoying our comforter.  The beaches too, have an influx of Canadians as well as the “snow birds” from cooler parts of the mainland.

Our biggest news concerns a new acquisition.  Meet Moani, the newest member of the Fafard family.  She, like Allie, was born in Maui at the same breeder from which Allie was adopted.  Moani is a real sweetheart.  We kept the two separate for about 4 days but they have adjusted to each other swimmingly.img_0606

As you can see, Allie is enjoying the company .img_0619

Allie is suddenly getting way more exercise, that should keep both cats healthier.

Our friend, Shannon, and I planned to go to Maui to do some whale-watching while the humpbacked whales are visiting from Alaska, giving birth to their young and (hopefully) breeding.  We’ve gone the past two years, and usually go for a couple of days and pack in as many whale watching tours as we can fit in.  Luckily, KokuaKats had one kitten left from a litter and the timing was perfect to pick her up when I was there.  Because she was born on the islands, there is little problem transporting between islands, unlike from the mainland where (because we have no rabies in Hawaii) it is extremely complicated to “import” pets.  Consequently, I could carry her in the cabin.  She was a perfect lady and everything went quite smoothly, she charmed everyone she met.  She charmed Charlie immediately too, since we had bought her sight unseen, it was a relief that she was so personable.  We named her Moani, that means “gentle breeze” and it seems she is appropriately named.  I had insisted, since she was a Maui girl, that she have a Hawaiian name.  Our seal coordinator Jamie, stated that, hopefully, she won’t turn into a “hurricane”… far so good.

Charlie volunteered to help Carol Yosuta, the local arts dynamo, with hosting a Canadian group called the “Comic Strippers”.  So the first part of February immersed us in distributing posters, coordinating ticket sales, and staffing the Performing Arts Center at Kauai Community College where the event took place.

These fellows, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, perform an act that parodies male stripper programs.  We didn’t know exactly what to expect, however they turned out to be extremely funny.  It was actually an improvisation act in which they involved the audience  while they pretended to be not very good male strippers.  The audience, both male and female  and quite a bit younger than the usual EKK audience, loved it. It does seem that Charlie has become the go-to person for nuts and bolts on the Arts Council since he is so organized.  And that attribute resulted in Carol having him coordinate electronic ticket sales for another upcoming show in March.

A highlight of EKK recently was a performance by Kalani Pe’a.  It became a tense situation when his flight to Kauai got delayed due to high winds on the Hawaiian chain.  Flights were cancelled and the musicians got to the venue only about 15 minutes before the event was supposed to start.  Kalani, had to  leave after the performance to attend the Grammys where the next day he won, the first Hawaiian to win a Grammy, for Regional Roots Music Album “E Walea”.  It just goes to show what amazing talent Carol arranges to perform for the 10 weeks each Jan-Mar.  We’ve enjoyed being involved.

The following week featured a “Hawaiian” Swing band that encouraged swing dancing, and the next was Hula.  A local Hula dancer Aunty Bev, from Malie Foundation,  also offered hula lessons.

All this is besides the daily seal volunteering, that has been also hopping.  One Friday we had 4 seals up on the south shore in three different locations.  That always makes for complications in attempting to cover all locations with 2 hour shifts and a limited number of volunteers.  Our old friend K31 has been showing up along with G22, W06, 4 DP, F28 and 3 CX.  K31 and F28 look very clean since both recently molted (shedded all their outer layers of skin).  It can be challenging to identify them, since any bleached identifying letters comes off with the skin.


This is F28, born in 2015, all clean and shiny.

Every Saturday again, we have softball and West Kauai is doing pretty well, with some “young” players able to play the whole game.  The rule in Senior Softball is that all team members must be 60 or older, with the exception that players between the age of 55 and 59 can play but only one in the game at a time.  Two of our better, younger players just turned 60 so the team is taking advantage of that.

EKK hosted a community Hula event on Presidents Day in the spirit of E Kanikapila Kakou (that means the community sings together) and it seemed that most of the audience participated in the lesson in the beginning of the event and then joined the Halau in their dances.  It was a colorful event and very well attended.  It is a highlight in our week though Charlie and I work pretty hard greeting, registering folks, compiling the donations and cleaning up afterwards.  By the end of the 10 weeks, we are usually ready for a break.img_0627


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