Its a New Year

The crowds haven’t left yet, we thought that things would settle down after the holidays, but so far it’s still pretty busy.  Unfortunately, the person that had been pulled out of the water in the last issue, did die, the first of the season.  Since that one we have had one more, a man swimming off Moaloa’a.  We had a week of Kona winds with the accompanying warm, muggy weather but then suddenly, the trades returned with a vengeance.  Sustained winds of 20-30 with gusts 40-50 that we haven’t seen since the windy hurricane season summer before last.  The days have been in the 70’s and nights in the 60’s…..we’re piling on the layers.  Funny how one become accustomed to warm weather and when it cools down a few degrees we are cold in temperatures that when we lived in Wisconsin would have seemed balmy.

Softball season is starting, we had a scrimmage already and we’ve received the new uniforms ……pretty gaudy, Charlie says they look like NASCAR shirts.  The new season starts on the 28th, I’m sharpening my scoring pencil.  Since writing that, we had our first game, which we won over a team that normally beats us, so we’re off to a good start!IMG_0570.JPG

So what do you think, is it garish?

We embarked on our SUP adventure that we had won at the Hawaiian Children’s theater event last month.  It consisted of a 2.5 mile standup paddle board trek up the Huleia Stream, past the Alakoko Menehune Fishpond (an ancient Hawaiian fishpond) to a haul out along the stream, where we hiked up along the stream to a couple of waterfalls.  This was Charlie’s first attempt at SUP and though it was tiring, he did quite well.  I had a bit more experience with them then he had.  At the two waterfalls, I had to use the rope swing to jump in.  The water temperature  was quite a shock!

The hike was through rainforest and beautiful.fullsizeoutput_df0img_0535The excursion ended on top of a hill in Kipu Kai, looking toward Lihue and Nawilliwilli Harbor, this was a view made famous by the movie The Descendants and was outstanding.img_0540The end of January starts our new season of EKK, E Kanakapila Kokau, the annual Hawaiian music venue that lasts for 10 weeks.

The most outstanding news this week was a press release from The Monk Seal Research Program about the Hawaiian Monk Seal population.  Statistics on the population of the seal is, that for the past 3 years, the population has increased by about 3% a year and that our new estimate is, unlike what we have been saying,  1400 seals.  For 6 decades, the numbers have been decreasing from a high of about 4000.  Charlie is kidding Jamie and Mimi noting that the increase has occurred since we came on board.  hmmm.  The release further says that 30% of the monk seals now alive are the result of our program’s work.

Joanie, a friend that we have made here invited us to a picnic for her birthday and she held it up on top a hill at Kukui’ula.  What a spectacular view, one can see for miles!  It was cool that evening so we needed jackets but it was quite fun.

img_0566Looking north

img_0569Looking Southeast

img_0564Looking south

Kukui’ula is a very upscale development on Poipu’s south shore, with a golf course, country club, houses and cottages.  Property with a cottage here starts at over $2.5 million but views are lovely and amenities over the top.

We had the second EKK concert, busy again for both of us.  This was a hula special and our friend Wes Kaui (shown below with his guitar) was the only male among the musicians and dancers.  Wes was in his glory.  The turnout was very good, with both locals and visitors represented, it is one of the highlights of the year. img_0573


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