Its almost Christmas

We’ve been busy preparing for the onslaught of visitors that occurs between Thanksgiving and New Years.  Luckily, the seals haven’t been hauling out quite as much as they were a month ago, we’ve yet to determine what causes their cycles.  We’ve had wind and high tides along with the full moon, removing much beach sand…again cyclic, the beach at the Kiahuna Resort has almost disappeared.  The naupaka hedge is slumping into the ocean and the tombolo at Poipu Beach connecting the island to the mainland has disappeared.iecc-004  The last full moon of the year was spectacular, being on the beach after sunset looking towards the West.december-019K31, our big male hauled out at Kiahuna and, to the delight of spectators, decided to “take a leak” december-015K30, the big, scarred female also showed up on the rocks last week after a several month absence.

Kalaheo elementary school put on a musical variation of A Christmas Story at Kukui Shopping Center, substituting Auntie Scrooge for Scrooge as the main character.  It was very well done, amazing for 4th and 5th graders…..I have come to believe that most everyone on this island can sing ….these kids surely didn’t disappoint.  I went with Tree, Shannon and Amy (a good friend of Shannon’s).  Amy’s two daughters were in the cast.

Left picture shows Auntie Scrooge with the ghost of Christmas past and the right shows the whole cast. A festival of lights also decorates Rice Street (the main drag of Lihue) so  cars parade up and down the street to check them out.

Winter has arrived in Kauai, the nights have gotten down to the upper 60s and days, upper  70s.   The human body certainly adjusts to different temperature ranges, we are dressing in long sleeved shirts, jackets and long pant while the visitors scurry around in shorts, tank tops and bikinis… can always pick out the locals by their layers.  Its hard to remember what below zero felt like, and neither of us is eager to re-experience it.

Winter is also when we become Wall nuts and catch the sunset on the wall as well as look for whales.  The Canadians and the Snow Birds are just beginning to appear along with the whales, we’ve sighted several whale breaches and repeat Wall nuts at our spot on the Wall.  The same visitors come every year and we look forward to their return.  Some even help with the seals.  The lure of the Wall is to observe the “Green Flash”.  Many think that its a myth however, it has to do with the scattering of light just as the sun drops below the horizon and it lasts only a second or so.  Shannon has provided the proof.  This view was from the Wall a few days ago, for you doubters.img_0093

The week has produced few seals at Poipu, finally, at the end of the week, 2 seals appeared at Poipu, one on the island and one next to the vegetation.



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