It’s Thanksgiving …..hooray

It is so hard to believe that it is already Thanksgiving, how the time flies.  The first week started with Melanie’s departure and our volunteering again, this time to help with the Hawaiian Children’s Theatre.  We had attended Spamalot, one of their productions a few months ago and this time they were preforming “School of Rock”.  These young folks (they must be 18 or younger) are extremely talented and we enjoyed the play immensely.  We helped with the raffle, where people could buy tickets costing anywhere from $1-$20 to be included in a drawing for about 95 items.  The drawing took place after the last performance….the show went on for three weeks.  Charlie and I were there before the play and at the intermission to explain how the drawing works, thus we could watch the play for free.  Working the raffle enabled us to “invest” in a few tickets ourselves, luckily it paid off with a $100 gift certificate to a jeweler and a stand up paddle excursion for two, worth over $260.

The week was very windy and rainy and cooler than usual.  Winds gusting up to 40 mph were recorded.  The seals have been scarce all week too.  W06 came up one day and K31 another, neither of which we have seen recently and our old reliable, G22 hasn’t been seen.  We wonder why it can be so busy and then slack, could it be the wind?  or the higher than usual tides? This it what makes seal watching so interesting.  A few whales are starting to reappear, plus the holidays bring more tourists.  I’ve seen one whale breach but no blows yet.  We’re at the beach early every day, consequently we get to watch the sunrise at Poipu, awesome.  Every day is different.


The culinary students at the college produced a “luau” this week, Laulau, Lomi Lomi Salmon, Fish Poke, Kalua Pig, Squid luau, Teriyaki steak, Poi and Guava Chiffon Cake were among the items featured.  The second week theme was Japanese, I am continually amazed by the talent these young chefs display.

The second week we picked up our certificates and went to Kapaa to cash in the jewelers certificate, however we made the mistake of going in the afternoon.  Not only was the traffic slow, but there was a crash next to Coco Palms that slowed traffic to a standstill.  It took us 1/2 hour to go two miles, after we passed the crash site it loosened up and we sped along as far as Lihue where again, we came to a complete halt.  This time it was a 2 car crash on the highway between Lihue and home.  This is always a problem, since there is only one road between each town and no alternate routes.  We crept along at about 3 mph until, at the 5 mile bridge we came upon the crash (after the police and ambulances had left).  It had taken us 1hr and 45 min to get home, a distance of about 20 miles.


We don’t think that anyone was killed but the wreck looked awful.

It has rained almost every day for the past 2 weeks, quite unusual for it to last that long.  Still the visitors crowd Poipu beach, where there is almost always sunshine for part of the day.  The rest of the island, especially the north shore has been very cloudy, in fact the Hanelei bridge was flooded out.  We’ve have flash flood warnings for several days, but the problem is usually the north shore.

Even though it is 80 during the day, the evenings are now cool… the upper 60s.  Obviously winter is here!   We are preparing for Christmas.  For the first time since we arrived in Kauai, we have a “real” tree. I love the scent when I walk into the living room.  Also for the first time we have a short needled Noble Fir….much easier to decorate than our traditional White Pine.  Digging out our sentimental ornaments makes me happy.img_0444

Allie has matured enough that I can decorate all the way to the lowest branches, last year she denuded the bottom two tiers.  She does like to hide behind the tree though her second favorite spot is on the table.img_0448

The big group of us that gets together often, went to the Kalaheo Steak and Rib house Saturday night.  The restaurant often has music but this night they had a private party, consequently we had our own party.img_0450

Some friends from the east shore in Kapaa took a picture of the Super Moon  a couple of weeks ago and I’m pleased to share it, it truly captures the ambiance of the tropics at night.img_0449


One thought on “It’s Thanksgiving …..hooray

  1. Thanks Sue. Love the pic. Winter finally got us yesterday with 5 inches of snow. Marcia/Anton and Julie/Tom and you missed out. Wish you were here

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