Kauai Marathon

The week was pretty slow because the seals stayed away, it’s hard to know why every now and again, they disappear for a few days.

G22 came up a couple of times during the week as did R339 and N30 (a pup born in 2013 that we had pup sat).  N30 was jumpy so we couldn’t get too close but luckily he stayed out on the island.

Unfortunately, we also were devastated when little gray cat, whom we had photographed on the car last week, was hit and killed by a motorist on Weli Weli, the street running next to our house. I found her in the early morning on my run down to Poipu.  Gray Cat and Snowball were the two feral cats that we had been feeding since we moved to Kauai, now both are gone.  The life of a feral cat is way too short…..we never did get either tame enough to adopt.

The big news also, was the appearance of two hurricanes.  Madeline who went south of us and Lester, who went north.  Nonetheless, there was a run on bottled water and we followed the hurricane forecasts carefully.  They did provide large surfs along with high tides, in fact the island off the beach at Poipu was closed off a couple of times.  Of course, that didn’t discourage some intrepid (stupid) folks from trekking across the chest-deep tombolo to harass the seals resting there.  It never ceases to amaze me how many people seem to be clueless about approaching wild animals.  Or about venturing out in ocean conditions that are dangerous.

So, the week was fairly quiet but on the weekend, the annual Kauai Marathon was held, and we volunteered at one of the water stops.  We were at the 12 mile and 22 mile point water stop.  This is an extremely scenic run, but also extremely hilly and the weather was pretty warm, about 85 degrees with no wind.  Hurricane Lester passing north blocked the trades for the day.

It was still entertaining, we had three hula dancers next to our water stop, dancing for the 5 hours we stayed passing out water and Poweraid.Kauai Marathon 2016 012

Note, the dancers are dressed in the typical male hula costume, though traditionally they might have the grass skirt without the white pants.

The male winner from Japan was at least 9 minutes ahead of the second runner at 12 miles and won handily.  The female winner was from Honolulu was also way in front and looked strong throughout.Kauai Marathon 2016 016

We volunteered at a water stop that was handled by a group of realtors, the same group that we had helped two years ago.

Down the road from our station a little bit, a group of native Hawaiian activists set up just for the marathon to advertise their anti government stand. There is a group of folks, many of which live on Kauai that are extremely anti-American.  They want all the islands to revert back to the kingdom of Hawaii.  The islands were “conquered” by a group of U.S. sugar barons and Queen Liliuokulani was deposed, so they do have a point, however, many of the most adamant activists draw unemployment or social security from the U.S.  I believe that, if America hadn’t annexed the Hawaiian Islands, Japan, Russia, or China would have.IMG_0087

Nothing is easy or clear-cut.


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