And now PK2

K22 presented Kauai with PK 2 this week, our second pup.  It’s so exciting to see the new pups and their relationships with the moms.  The moms are so very attentive, pup can’t venture too far before mom is calling.  We are expecting another very soon.  Unfortunately, we haven’t had a chance to meet PK2…it’s been too busy on the South Shore, and we’re externally short of volunteers.  So we may not get a chance to see this year’s pups.

My new phone was delivered this week, the insurance worked quite well, the new phone appeared within a few days.  Charlie took a picture of the damaged phone before I mailed it back to the insurance company.  A little hard to read the screen.SOFTBALL MUSIC 001

With late spring, not only do we have the cacti blooming but also the rainbow shower trees on the bypass road.  They have been looking scraggly, in fact one wonders if they are about to die, when suddenly, they burst into spectacular blooms, pink, yellow and heavy with blossoms.  Mangos too are starting to bear fruit.  Daily, we see locals stopping across the street from us, pulling out long poles and picking fruit.  And along side our house, on Weli Weli, mangoes fall from the trees, bombing cars unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Some members of Charlie’s softball team pickle the green mangos and give them away.  The chickens are also swarming the streets pecking at the smashed ones that missed denting car roofs and have been run over.  We have a dwarf mango tree in our back yard that hasn’t ripened yet, but when it does, we will appreciate them daily.

We are still supporting the senior softball musicians biweekly Friday nights at Pua Kea golf course.  This past week, Cliff, one of the guys, had his whole family attending (about 25 people) which almost filled the venue, the snack bar isn’t that big.  In the middle of the set, his daughter and mother-in-law got up to dance the hula, along with two grand daughters.  Totally spontaneous and pretty cool.


Memorial day weekend found us volunteering again at a bike criterion over near Kekaha. In conjunction with the Banana Poke festival, our doctor hosts a bike race, called Pedal to the Meadow, a 16 mile race, all uphill from sea level to about 4000 ft elevation.  That race was Saturday, and associated  time trails and a criterion were added this year on Sunday.  The criterion was held on the Kauai Drag strip, next to the ocean shore and the Kekaha landfill.  We helped out by setting up the refreshment area and officials canopy, as well as marking the ovals with caution tape and cones for racer safety.  We were impressed by the cooperation between the riders, having never experienced an event like this before.BIKE RACE 003

Since Kekaha is on the dry side of the island, it was very warm and humid with no wind (the trades disappeared for several days).  The field of riders was quite small, but serious, some of the best cyclists on the Islands participated and it was pretty exciting .  This experience was a first for us as volunteers.  It was sunny and hot for the races, so we downed large amounts of water.  Upon leaving and returning to Koloa, we hit multiple rain showers, it doesn’t rain much on the West Side and and the North Shore has large amounts.  There are multple microclimates on Kauai due mostly to the prevailing easterly winds and the mountains.  The west side is in the rain shadow of Wai’ale’ale, the mountain that defines us. BIKE RACE 006 BIKE RACE 017

The West Kauai Senior Softball team had their team picture taken this weekend.  I got invited to be in the team picture, because of my score keeping, however, I’m not in the picture I took of the team right after the official one.  I enjoy being part of the team anyway.  I’m loving being part of the community, otherwise we would mostly interact with visitors and no locals.  And I’m learning to speak Pidgin while interacting with the team members. They’re certainly a bunch of characters, they like to laugh and party after the games, and drink beer.  Guess I fit right in!  IMG_0002It looks like Charlie’s the tallest member of the team.


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