Introducing K30’s pup, PK1

I was lucky enough to go with Jamie on Tuesday to check on K30’s new pup.  We left Kekaha Harbor on Tara’s boat for the Na Pali coast.  Tara owns and captains two inflatable zodiacs and runs trips to the Napali Coast, her company is called Seariders.  We rode along with her while she was training her crew.  We followed along the coast, past PMRF, the missile launch site, past Poli Hale State Park and beyond.  After, simulating a man overboard incident, Tara dropped us off to swim to shore.  We towed three signs, as well as a camera and binoculars in a dry sack to the shore.  After exiting the waves we trekked down the beach to see both K30 and PK1 in the edge of the water.  PK1 designates the first pup of the year on Kauai, when the pup is weaned it will get a permanent number starting with an H for 2016.  PK1 is a large, healthy pup, pure black and very active.  For only a 2 week old pup, it seems very adventuresome, it went swimming down the shore, ignoring K30’s calls for it to return….she finally followed him/her and they then swam together.  Jamie took many photos with a telephoto lens, trying to see if we could determine the sex.  I sat for some time as well with the binocular’s to see if I could do the same.  My first thought was that it was a male, but then determined that what I was seeing was probably the dried umbilical cord that hadn’t dropped off yet.  We keep hoping for females but we don’t know yet.IMG_0044 IMG_0042

Jamie Thomton took the two pictures when we were there.

Tara came back to pick us up after about 1.5 hours, we swam back to the boat (without the signs…..we put them up to warn visitors to stay away, if by chance, they landed on the beach.  We continued on down the coast, being entertained by Tara’s stories of Hawaiian legend and of movie filming, she was often the designated “driver” for movie stars that had acted in movies filmed here.

She took our boat……along with some kayakers, into “Gods Eye” a collapsed sea cave that is open to the sky….I’d seen it on a helicopter ride so it was an experience to see it from the other side.IMG_0940IMG_0938

The first picture is from inside the “cave” looking out.  The water was a intense turquoise with a small mound in the middle,the second picture.   I felt like I was in the middle of a National Geographic set.  We continued on down (or up) the coast to see different Hawaiian village sites and heiaus (religious sites) as well as navigation marks on the cliffs.  She would point out, “this is where part of Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed, this was a Jurassic Park site, this was from “Throw Mama Under the Train”.  Tara is quite the adventuresome woman.  She is a certified dive instructor, she has dived commercially, she is a boat captain, and a marine biologist….. all in all, it was a fascinating trip.

The Kalalau Valley scene from the bottom was spectacular…..I’d only seen it from lookout on the top and from a helicopter.IMG_0943

All along the Na Pali coast were waterfalls and awe-inspiring cliffs, it is one of the favorite trips for all our visitors.IMG_0928 IMG_0933 IMG_0941

The trip was over all too soon and we pounded our way back to the west shore….pounded is a tame description compared to the way we hit the waves.  The trades had picked up and the waves were considerably bigger than on our trip up.  After hanging onto the ropes on the side of the zodiac for over an hour of bone jarring bouncing, my muscles were yelling “help, why did you do that to me ?” that evening and the whole next day……so glad for ibuprofen.

School is ending this week and the elementary schools in Hawaii conduct a May Day celebration in which the history of all the Hawaiian islands is feted.  Koloa School had their celebration this Friday and Kalavia, the boy that we have cheered on in soccer games since we’ve been here, will be leaving the elementary school to attend the middle school.  He, as a fifth grader, heralded the prince and princess of Kahoolawae, one of the main Hawaiian islands by preceding them carrying a banner.  Each grade participated by doing a hula, or some other dance illustrating the history of the islands.  Isabella, our previous next door neighbor was in the kindergarten group, the only blond in the group.  Each dance was preceded by parents rushing to take pictures of their little ones.  The ceremony was punctuated by passing showers in which the kids got pretty wet, to the cheers and delight of the spectators who were sheltered by tents.  Typical of Kauai, rain downpours can happen at any time, followed immediately by bright sunlight.  It was great fun.IMG_0736 IMG_0951IMG_0047

Kalavia, who just turned 11 is above with his mom, Alicia.  The yellow costumes show one of the grades’ hula, each grade had a different costume.

The weekend brought the biannual seal count.  We’ve participated every previous year, and never once saw a single seal in our zone.  This year we weren’t counting but went down to Poipu Beach at sunrise to find K90 sacked out on the sand, followed within a half hour by 1KY.  This year has been different all the way around, some days no seals and others 3 seals on 3 different beaches.  I’ve yet to determine a pattern.  As Charlie says, every day is different.

The week ended with my leaving my iPhone on the roof of the car when we left the beach.  Unfortunately, it fell off on the bypass road and was run over by several cars at 40 mph.  Needless to say it was totally destroyed.  Luckily, I have insurance so a replacement is “in the mail”.  Ick!


One thought on “Introducing K30’s pup, PK1

  1. Thanks Sue. Enjoy these blogs so much. I’m now the keeper in Colorado Springs for Katie’s house. Will send you pictures. Hi to Charlie.

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