First pup of the season is born

K30, the badly scarred female seal that was attacked by the person on the beach gave birth to her 2016 pup, the first on Kauai for the year.  It was born on the Na Pali coast on an isolated beach (thankfully) and appears to be healthy.  We don’t know yet the sex because the access is only by water.  We are quite relieved that mom seems to be good and that she didn’t birth on one of our busier beaches on the South Shore.  The person who is alleged to be the assaulter is out on bail, a trial will be held in 3 or 4 months.  We all have been quite pleased at the community response…..that this is unacceptable behavior.

This coming Tuesday Jamie and I are going to try to get to the beach where K30 and her pup are.   It’s a difficult area to get to, we have to go by zodiac to get as close as possible, but unfortunately because of a reef they can’t get all the way in.   So we have to swim in.  We’ll take several seal signs, taped to a boogey board, and tow then in.   We’ll create a seal zone with the signs, take pictures, determine the health and sex of the pup, then swim back out to the zodiac.  It should be quite the adventure.  We’re taking lunches, it will take most of the day.

Our weather has been quite pleasant, the trades have returned, at least for the first part of May, however, we still could use rain.

My morning runs have been quite pleasant, the sunrise is before 6am so the runs, too have been very early.  The indications of Spring on my running route, though subtile, are appearing, Young kids are being born.


The cacti are blooming.IMG_0912

The mango trees are heavy with, so far unripe mangos.  Many of these hang over the road, and when they ripen and fall, it’s similar to car bombing!IMG_0902

This tree is across the street from us, soon people (and chickens)  will be stopping to grab lunch off the tree, or from the pavement.

After about 6 weeks of busy seal duty, we suddenly have a day off now and then.  We wonder why, all of a sudden, they aren’t so numerous.  This allows us to do a little exploration of our island.  Funny, we have lived here three years and we have yet to visit some of the favorite tourist spots.  Last weekend we drove to Wailua Falls, a popular spot for visitors not far from Lihue.  Even though we haven’t had much rain in Koloa, there has been plenty in the mountains so the falls were quite spectacular.  If you remember some old TV programs, this falls was featured in the opening scene of Fantasy Island.  “Zee Plane, Zee Plane”.IMG_0899

Even though there are numerous signs warning people not to venture down the blocked- off paths to the falls, we saw at least two groups ignoring the signs to trek down.  The same day we were there, a visitor was rescued and taken to the hospital after falling 50 ft down a cliff.  Unfortunately, some of the popular tour books encourage folks to hike some quite dangerous trails, resulting in expensive rescues.  We have frequent newspaper articles admonishing folks to respect the power of nature.

We have “new” neighbors next door.  Actually, the people that own the house next door just moved here.  They have been renting the house for the past 5 years and now, Teena, the wife and the daughter are moving in.  We’ve welcomed them with cookies and have had several discussions with them.  They left Denver for Koloa and are experiencing the normal adjustments concerning shopping and prices.

Our other neighbors down the street invited us to a dance production that they organized on Saturday.  He is a musician and film producer and she is a dancer as well as a dance instructor.  Jennifer is from Kauai but has spent several years dancing internationally; she and her husband, Mel,  are trying to build a business both with advertising films and dance, called Eyes Wide Open Productions and Kauai Dance Center.  They put on a special effects and dance program that was quite elaborate.  At least 80 young dancers performed at the Kauai Marriott….quite the event!IMG_0913

It was quite well attended, with scads of parents and friends as well as other dancers in the audience.  Above was the opening number……not the greatest picture because it’s from my phone.  It shows the color and a small taste of the special effects.

Typical of the island, next door at the Neighborhood Center, we walked by on our way to a food truck and noticed a light pole.  It’s surrounded by posts to protect it, but nonetheless, somebody managed to hit it…..hard.  No doubt it will be years before it’s straightened.  Note the light still works.Lamp post 121

Within the last year, someone backed over a fire hydrant in Koloa, creating a 20 foot geyser; our Koloa town sign was run over, and now the neighborhood light and protective posts were run over.  Makes you wonder what can be run over next?


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