April Showers

We still haven’t found temp 322 despite numerous trips to Mahaulepu and elsewhere Charlie, Tree, Barry, Lance and Gary spent a whole day at an isolated beach with Mimi and Jamie but with no luck, we’re afraid that time is running out for 322, not for lack of trying.  Typically hooked seals develop an infection at the hook site, and it can kill them in a week or two.  The isolated beach is only accessible by crossing private property, and special permission needs to be obtained.   It’s gorgeous property, with 3 beach sections among rocky out croppings.KIPU KAI 017The view coming down to one of the beaches.
KIPU KAI 035 The second beach area.KIPU KAI 041 Five seals on the third beach, but not Temp 322KIPU KAI 056

Jamie, our fearless leader, from NOAA.  He’s a marine biologist, and a really good guy.  Very knowledgeable, and fun to hang out with.

The weather has been windy and somewhat rainy, a good thing because the winter has been very dry.  The beaches also have been busy on the south shore with multiple seals appearing, especially 1KY, W06 and G22, much to the delight of our visitors.  The visitor population has increased this year, especially during school spring breaks so we’ve spent many hours at Poipu.

I still never get tired of the beach in the early morning, it’s gorgeous.  Thought I’d get a close up of the sand ripples:IMG_0850

We get to the beach every morning around 6 am lately, just at first light.  We’ve had so much seal activity that we want to be there before the visitors start to interact with the seals. There have been 4-7 turtles on shore every morning; visitors keep asking later in the day “where can I see turtles” and we have to tell them to get up before sunrise.  The turtles must know it’s spring, they’ve been mating in the water for the past two weeks.   And on occasion we’ve seen a female come back up on shore followed by a male.  The female acted like she was trying to lose the male.  She made a big looping path, very slowly, in the sand, and then went back in the water.   With the male in hot pursuit.  🙂

One day this last week there was a group of kayak fisherman getting ready to go way out for the big fish.  Before leaving there was a ceremony and blessing for success and safe fishing.  I was told that the Discovery Channel was filming this group.  Every day here is different.IMG_0857This was part of the blessing.

Big news in Koloa this week, some motorist decided to take out the Koloa Welcome sign. Whomever it was must have been traveling at quite a high speed.  They slammed the rock wall supporting the sign, and took out the whole thing.IMG_0855At least the sign itself is still intact.  We read also this week that the pedestrian bridge that has been damaged since we moved here 3 years ago will finally be fixed this summer.  We aren’t holding our breath because, when they removed it last summer, the new one was supposed to be installed in February.

The West Kauai Senior softball team played a double header this weekend, one was a make up game necessitated by a funeral that postponed an earlier game.  The season is almost half over, and it’s obvious because the team is racking up injuries, several players were out with back, foot, and other ailments.  The team split the double header, and then shared a huge potluck.  These events are really interesting, as we see and share what the locals eat.   We get various Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese and Filipino food, since the culture here is so intermixed.  We usually have one or two fish dishes, and this weekend there was wild boar that had been marinated for a week before being grilled.  One of the haole players brought a pasta dish, since he’s Italian.  It’s really a melting pot here!

Charlie was also recruited to announce one of the games that his team wasn’t playing (there are 3 games at 2 different fields every Saturday morning), I wasn’t there, so don’t know how that turned out, but he told me later that Vin Scully’s job isn’t being threatened.   My scoring is also improving with each game, and I’m getting to know many of the players and player’s wives from the other teams.   It seems that we are being assimilated into the team and league.


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