St Patricks Day and beyond

I had been fairly consistent in getting the blob out on a weekly basis, at least up until the last few months.  I seem to be sliding into a blog every two or three weeks.  I haven’t lost interest, there’s just too much going on, and I don’t seem to find the time.  Maybe this is the ‘new normal’.

The week of St Pat’s was cool, we had Kathy, Peter, Joanie and Doug over for dinner.  We celebrated with a ‘deconstructed corn, beef and cabbage’ dinner.  We had had corned beef and cabbage at Joanie’s the previous week, so we decided to make a variation and served sauted corn, prime rib beef and cole slaw.  It was pretty darned good.  The whole week was centered around eating, we had the first Culinary Institute of Kauai Community College dinner on Tuesday, went out for a gourmet dinner at Merriman’s Fish house for St Patty’s Day (my anniversary)…..all good.

However, it wasn’t all food but also fun and games, for every day we had multiple seals up on multiple beaches, making for complicated coverage.  K90 was up, followed by 1KY, a young female who was being pursued by a young male, temp 322 and W06 even dropped in.  This last year’s pup G22 was found in Kukuiula harbor chomping down on some tuna leftovers, dumped (illegally) in the harbor by fisherman.  This is very unadvisable, not only does it attract young impressionable monk seals, but also sharks.  At any rate we both spent quite a bit of time on the beach.  The Saturday softball game was postponed because the team (dressed in their softball uniforms) attended the funeral of a former player.  Softball was a major part of the deceased’s life, and the team members stood in the reception line greeting the guests.  I even wore my uniform.

Everything is blooming around our house again, mangos are growing, and the orchids that I have tied to the palm trees outside our lanai, are blooming beautifully.  I have been surprised that all of the flower stems are different colors, even on the same plant.  None of the plants have any soil around the roots, the roots encircle the tree trunks.DSCF0967 DSCF0968

This has been the last session of EKK and it was topped off by a concert by Willie K, a well known, dynamic singer and musician from Maui.  This was our first time hearing him and we were blown away.  He has such a range of both voice and genre.  He played everything from Jazz to Opera, when he sang Ave Maria in Italian, we were amazed.  Here is this large, aloha shirt and baggy denim shorts-clad Hawaiian who could have been singing at the Met.  We particularly enjoyed the evening because instead of working, we were part of the audience.IMG_0752 IMG_0815

The last couple of weeks have been very busy with our seals…..and hoards of visitors….it was spring break, ending with Easter Sunday.  We celebrated with Doug and Joanie et al at their house.  But we were again devastated by the loss, on Oahu, of one of our former Kauai seals, 6 year old T12.   He had defected to the big city a couple of years ago, but had been one of our favorites.  We still don’t know the cause of his death but are saddened by the loss of another Monk Seal.

The weeks zip by, we had a friend from the mainland visit, Joe Dimaggio, so we’ve been kept busy.  I had the opportunity to take a helicopter ride over Kauai with Joe.  The last time I did that we didn’t live here yet so this was special, since now I know the island so much better. There are so many  beautiful views of the mountain.  I had forgotten how little of the island is developed.
DSCF0986Nawilliwilli Harbor

Waimea CanyonDSCF1002Waterfall in Waimea CanyonDSCF1007Tunnels beach on the North Shore
IMG_0819Joe and me after our adventure.  It was particularly fun with the doors off….I highly recommend it, we had a blast!  Check out Joe below, enjoying the balmy weather.IMG_0831

We also treated Joe to another Merriman’s gourmet meal and one at the Community College and he treated us to a homemade (by a real Italian), pasta dinner.  We’ve been eating way too well lately.

The first week in April Charlie and I came down to the beach and discovered Temp322 with a bunch of fishing line coming out of his mouth.  He swallowed a hook, so the whole crew was mobilized to capture him but just before the truck and cage got to Poipu, a female, 1KY, came up and lured him back into the water.  Unfortunately, we missed the opportunity, so until he hauls out again, we, and he are out of luck.Temp 322 058

Poor Temp322.  This can be a life threatening problem with the monk seal, when they go after a fisherman’s fish.  We lost a seal a few weeks ago after surgery to remove a similar hook.  Finding and capturing him will be our priority for the next few days.  He’s also quite big, so it will be a challenge to get him.


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