Happy New Year

Tracey and Doug came back from the North Shore with great experiences, they celebrated their first anniversary over at the Beach House Restaurant before they left for Oahu.  They seemed to have a great time, they stayed busy participating in  a wide range of activities and were lucky to hit the weather perfectly.  Of course they’ll be going home to sub-zero weather – sure to make them miss Hawaii!

We spent New Year’s Eve on the beach with a seal at Kiahuna, K31.  We were lucky that he hauled out there because the big annual fireworks display was at Poipu.  We left him after dark, went home and I came back to watch the  15 minutes of fireworks  with Shannon and Tree.  They were fun, but not quite Rhythm and Booms in Madison. IMG_0642

The whole first week of 2016 was hectic, with seals up every day, sometimes in multiple locations.  This always makes for a lot of work because Christmas vacation is a popular time for families to visit and the beach was crowded.  Finally, about mid week, the crowds diminished and we got a break.  The weather for the new year has been somewhat rainy but again, by the end of the week, it cleared up, the winds changed to the SW and it got warm.  On Saturday, the high was 84 at our house.

On Wednesday, our old friend K90 came up with an ugly cookie cutter shark bite right behind her right ear.  The shark wasn’t too efficient and left a piece of flesh hanging.  Usually, it is a clean “hole” that heals quickly.  She had another new bite early in the week that was looking fine by the time the second appeared.  They are quite gross-looking and elicit many questions from our visitors.  The Cookie Cutter shark is a deep water shark, less than 20 inches long with long, very sharp teeth with which he chomps down and rotates 360 degrees to take a chunk of flesh.  Mimi, one of our “bosses”, a trained vet, examined it and determined that it was ok and should heal well.IMG_0650

Shannon, her sister Allison and I got up very early on Monday morning to check out the comet and the meteor shower that was predicted.  We trekked out to Makahuena Point, the southern most point of Kauai at 4 AM with great expectations, we weren’t disappointed although the comet was very difficult to see with the naked eye.  We did see many meteors though.  After sunrise, we all spent hours on the beach with several seals that had hauled out.  By 8 pm, I was beat and turned in early.SSC_5374 SSC_5389

Charlie was sick most of the week with a cold, fortunately I didn’t get it.  He’s starting a new consulting gig this coming week, and maybe flying between islands supporting the Hawaii Energy program.  He’ll find out more this coming week when he goes to Honolulu to meet with the staff.  Of course this also means that he won’t be available as much for seal duty.

Saturday, we decided to check out the new Beer Garden in Lawai.  Barry and Mary went with us for the second Saturday, music and beer.  Kauai Brewing Company was there with their beer truck, Kickshaws, a food truck, a mexican place and a drink place.  Entertainment was provided in the outdoor venue, several groups played.  They are just beginning this event so it is pretty primitive, but a fun addition to the South Shore.  Families as well as adults enjoyed the music and food.   Just like Capital Brewery’s beer garden…….well, maybe eventually!


A view of the food area with the beer truck in the back.


A view of the “stage” with festive lights to the left, illuminating the picnic tables in back.  The whole experience was real “down home”.

After a slow weekend with seals, we were hit with multiple seals on different beaches, on Wednesday, we had two seals up at The Grand Hyatt and two at Brennecki’s beach, it seems the seals are attracted to our beaches on the south shore lately.



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