Quite the Holiday

After Jennifer left on Saturday, the new week started out with my cataract surgery.  So early Monday morning, Charlie took me in to Wilcox Hospital to get a cataract taken out of my eye.  What an interesting experience!  The doc was amused with my reaction during the procedure, I marveled at the colorful fireworks going on as she proceeded.  I must say it was an interesting experience, as was the result.  The next morning the greater intensity of colors that I observed was also amazing.  Funny that one doesn’t notice that colors are less intense with a cataract because the change progresses so slowly.  Unfortunately, the next two weeks I was forbidden to respond to seal haul outs, since there was the potential for blowing sand getting in my eye.   Charlie had to be the main responder for the south shore.  I’m also supposed to forgo any exertion (such as running).  I so want to be out there that, that part is difficult.  The up side is that my vision is better than it has ever been…..yippee!

The blog will be quite boring as a result.  Highlights have been sitting on “the Wall” with a glass of cold wine and watching both the sunset and whales…..they are definitely back….along with the Canadians and other snowbirds.  Secondly, we are participating in several holiday get-togethers like Joanie’s annual White Elephant party.

Charlie has been really busy with the seals, especially since I’m out of commission, every day there have been multiple seals up, on Tuesday the 22nd two, K31 and G22 were up on a narrow beach necessitating a pathway between the two. Luckily, Fred Crostic, vacationing here from the mainland has been a huge help.  Unfortunately for us, he leaves right after Christmas.

Christmas week 041

After trying for 3 straight days, we got a break and Charlie, Tree and I went out to PMRF for dinner, we try to go for sunset, however we didn’t make it till after dark.  We did get to enjoy their “Christmas Tree” strung from a palm tree.  Flanked by two palm trees with lights up the trunks like a spring.




We are still adjusting to warm weather for the holidays.

Christmas Day, a couple from Madison, Tracey and Doug arrived, they were first supposed to land at 5:30 pm but ended being delayed in Chicago and didn’t arrive, totally wiped out, until 9:30 pm.  Unfortunately, they had forgotten with which car company they had made their reservation so we went to several companies to see.  They finally rented a car but it was really expensive.  Charlie encouraged them to go on line and they found another for a much more reasonable price.  Probably, because there are so few cars on the island and it is the holiday, an extra charge was tacked on.

We had a super time with them, its always fun to introduce “our” island to new visitors.  They took advantage of a coasting bike trip down Waimea canyon and a helicopter ride before they retreated to the North Shore for a different perspective.

On Tuesday the 29th I was cleared by the doc for normal activity.  Ran down to Poipu beach in the morning, only to find Charlie putting up an SPZ around a seal on the beach.  Some things never change!


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