Winter Season starts

We don’t have any snow, but the nights are cooler, down to lower 70’s perfect for sleeping. The South Shore has been extremely busy with seals, the rest of the island not so much. Curious that we don’t know why, perhaps the big swells coming from the east encourage them to haul out here. Every day we have had multiple seals in fact for a couple of days, we have had three up on Poipu beach at the same time. K90, a young female has attracted K31, an older male and they have been hanging out together. Several times, 6FQ, a young male has tried to approach her and K31 has chased him off, much to the delight of spectators. The GO-pros have come out in force and the tussles have been extensively documented. It has been interesting for us as well.  We have spent many hours on seal response since not only have there been seals on Poipu, but also The Sheraton, Kiahuna Plantation and even The Grand Hyatt beach.  This is when we would like more volunteers.  Good news though is that the crowds aren’t quite as big as they have been.

Along with the large swells, we have had strong winds and high surf, lovely for us, but somewhat disappointing to visitors, since the surf and currents are daunting (and dangerous) limiting snorkelers and boogie boarders to protected parts of the beaches.  This has kept the lifeguards quite busy, on Friday the Poipu lifeguards rescued 5 swimmers  who were in jeopardy.  And a few weeks ago a swimmer drowned at Shipwreck beach, just a mile to the east of Poipu.

Another week, another lunch at Kauai Community College culinary institute, this week featured Vietnamese food, I selected Pho, pronounced (fa) and Charlie had a vietnamese beef stew….yummy!  It is an adventure and a chance to try new foods.  A new one for me was deep fried bananas with ice cream….awesome!

The other adventure, is that our AC failed while we were in Oahu so the repair folks came to fix it.  Typical of Kauai, no parts were available on the island, so the defective motherboard had to be ordered from Oahu.  It came in a few days but was the wrong one.  We were told that the inventory clerk pulled from the correct bin, but it had been misfiled.  Another few days past, the right one came, installed, but the AC still didn’t work.  Waiting again……… luckily, the weather has moderated and we don’t need it.  We still don’t know if it is under warranty or how much it will cost in the end.  Such is life on a small island.

Below is the reason that the AC failed.  Poor gecko    At least it didn’t suffer, as it looks like it was an immediate ………barbeque???AC Gecko 010

Its hard to complain when you are surrounded with beauty.  Everyone shares the bounty, we give away bananas when we harvest, Joanie brings avocados, and Mimi brings a huge bag of limes….I’m reveling in Fresh Lime Sodas, (good memories of New Delhi).  Life is Good.

We also started returning to The Wall to watch sunset, the sun now goes down over the water instead of Niihau as it does in the summer.  We also will start to see whales.  The Canadians haven’t yet arrived so it is usually just us and maybe Donna, Tree and Shannon, but it’s a nice ritual.IMG_0573

All of a sudden the seals left Poipu, in fact only K30 was up, first in the Keiki pool where we had to displace her and then at the Sheraton.  I continually marvel that she survives with so many scars on her body. Quite the lady!

Look at the deep shark bite scar.

DSCF0044We decided to host a get together for all our south shore volunteers, partly so that some of the new volunteers get to spend time for the older ones, we rarely are all together at one time so it seemed like a good idea.

Friday night, since we are now on the call list to volunteer at numerous events, we were called upon to usher at a performance of The Hawaii Symphony Orchestra, with guest conductor Micahel Stern and pianist, Alexander Kobrin, playing Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 3 in C Minor and Dvorak’s Symphony No. 7 in D Minor.  This was a big event for Kauai since the orchestra hadn’t played in Kauai for quite a few years.  For the first time, in our experience, most everyone was dressed up.  Students wore their best clothes and actual shoes, boys even wore white shirts and ties.  The audience wasn’t in their usual aloha dress and slippers.  The turnout was amazing, 435 sold of 500, considering it rained buckets (6 inches in 24 hours).  Many people came in drenched and had to dry off in the restrooms.  It was a rousing success.  However, from our viewpoint, it was fairly disorganized….which seems typical of events brought here from Oahu, we were stuffing programs for them at 6:30 for a 7:30 concert, and a number of seats were sold twice.  All in all it went pretty smoothly and most didn’t notice since the music was so good.

The last few days of the week were very rainy, giving us a welcome  break from seal duty.  Sunday dawned cloudy so the morning visit to the Grand Hyatt welcomed us with a spectacular sunrise.



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