Escape to the Big City

The blog will be late because we took a side trip to Honolulu for my birthday.  Every now and then it’s nice to check out a big city, and Honolulu is big.   The traffic jams in the city, however, makes me glad to get back to Kauai.

We left Lihue on Thursday morning, arriving in Honolulu in the morning so had the whole day to explore.  The hotel that we planned to stay was on Ala Moana Blvd but when we checked in, they informed us that the AC was only at half capacity, but that they had fans in all the rooms.  Charlie told them that that was unacceptable and that we would look for another hotel.  The weather was quite unseasonably warm and we didn’t want to be uncomfortable.  While we were researching another place to stay, the hotel manager told us that they had another hotel on the other end of Waikiki and they would provide an upgrade for us to stay there.  The upgrade was a one bedroom suite on the 41st floor at the Aqua Seaside, located on the canal.  This was very nice and had the added plus of a small kitchen.  The view of Honolulu was gorgeous.


IMG_0010 IMG_0011

All in all not a bad trade, though the walk was significant to most of the places we had planned to go.  We have however become quite adept at using the Da Bus, as the Honolulu bus system is called.   As senior citizens, it only costs us $1 per ride, and is quite convenient.  So relocating wasn’t much of an issue.

That first night our plan was to meet a friend from Kauai, Nancy Wilson, for dinner.   Nancy moved to Oahu about the time that we moved to Kauai.  She comes back to Kauai occasionally, and we’ve become good friends.  She is a nursing administrator and it happened that a hospital surprise inspection was being conducted, so she was unable to join us.  Undeterred, the two of us went anyway.  The steak house, called Hy’s, was over-the-top excellent, their aged steaks are grilled over Kiawe wood and were some of the best we’ve had anywhere…..quite pricey, but good.  The restaurant asked that men wear shoes and collared shirts, which for Hawaii, is quite dressy.  It was a nice way to spend our first evening.

One of the reasons to go to the big city was to get a little help from Microsoft on Charlie’s Surface computer, so all day Friday was spent at Ala Moana Mall for a couple of courses and some counseling.  It was a day well spent. Our friends, Bruce and Andrea told us about a Hawaiian musician Pakala who plays somewhere in Waikiki, so with some internet research, discovered that his trio played regularly at House Without a Key at the Halekulani hotel.  Unfortunately, they weren’t playing that evening, but we enjoyed another group as well as a hula dancer.  It was a beautiful outdoor venue, right on the beach under a large kiawe tree.

It became a pleasant way to spend a little time under an old Kiawe tree on the beach with a cocktail.

Saturday, Halloween, we toured the Army Museum at Fort De Russy Beach Park right on Waikiki Beach and in the evening celebrated my birthday at the Chart House at the Ala Moana small boat harbor.  IMG_0567The whole city was pysched for halloween, most employees were in costume and thousands of revellers were as well, it reminded me of Freak Fest on State Street in Madison with masses of people strolling the streets.

We returned to Kauai on Monday, the city was great, but it was nice to get home to a much slower pace.

The whole next week was spent mostly on the beach, it seems like all of our frequent seals decided Poipu area was the place to be.  Often two seals were up at the same time and seals on more than one beach.  I never had a chance to catch up on the blog.  The weekend settled down a little and I spent some time around the house cleaning and catching up on projects.  One day, however, we had two fairly young seals hanging out together at the Sheraton, somewhat unusual but pretty darned cute.  After frolicking in the surf, they laid down next to each other and went to sleep.

DSCF0056 IMG_0569

Nice to have a pal to sleep with, the one on the left is K90 and the one on the right is an untagged seal, who is tentatively ID’d as Temp 309.   He will be tagged in the near future.

In mid-week had lunch at the Culinary Institute.  This week it was Thai food.  Our friend Tree joined us, his wife Shannon doesn’t care for Thai food, so it was just the 3 of us.  It was great, as always.  These luncheons are in high demand, and we have to respond quickly when an email is sent out announcing the meals.  Fortunately we have a good relationship with the program coordinator, which possibly also helps in our getting in!  🙂

The weekend saw us hosting friends Doug & Joanie and Kathy & Peter.   I fixed prime rib with garlic carrot smashed potatoes, plus 2 salads.  Charlie prepared 2 pupus and a lemon pound cake topped with an espresso ganache.  The evening was fun, and tasty!




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