Is This the Future

This week, for the first time in years (probably 10 years) there is activity across Weliweli street, for years this large lot has grown over.  Just before we moved here an empty house burned and the burned out wreck, with charred palm trees sat with head-high weeds covering.  Suddenly, on Tuesday, heavy equipment appeared and within a day all three of the remaining houses were rubble and by Wednesday, most of the rubble had been removed and all kinds of trucks have appeared.  We have no idea what is happening, only that a sign announcing a multiple use shopping center and some housing was planned.  However, that sign also has been there years.  Stay tuned, we might be in the middle of a large construction project for the next few years.DSCF0035DSCF0034

Also, a miracle happened, the light fixture that blew off into our yard last Novenber was….finally…reinstalled, the bare bulb has reminded us daily that it hadn’t been done.DSCF0039

Wednesday we went to the first Asian offering of the Fine Dining section of Kauai Community College.  It fills up quickly so we have to get our reservation in as soon as the announcement appears.  Its always fun and I’m improving my chopsticks technique.

W06 has been up on the beach almost every day this week, she is getting us trained, the only trouble is that we don’t know what time she is coming in.  It has been nice to have all the regular volunteers around, it takes some pressure off us.

A new condo development, Pili Mai, on my morning run route had it’s grand opening that we attended.  On occasion, we get tired of all the trips to the green waste dump and dream of less complication.  So we attended, had some pupus, some beer and toured the models.  It was tempting, however, the thought of living in a condo gave us pause.  Good pupus, though!

Continuing a mission to be sociable, we returned to Kalaheo Steak and Ribs (KSR) on Friday night ;to partake in country western music played by Not My First Rodeo.  Since the time we went to hear the Hawaiian music, we needed a reservation, this time we made one.  We arrived early, they start at 7 and we were the only table in the audience.  Not wanting to leave when we were the only ones, we hung out for a couple of hours, and hallelujah! some others appeared and we short-hitters could leave.  The group was quite talented and we enjoyed the music, luckily more folks came and we didn’t feel so bad by leaving before 10 pm.IMG_0556

The weekend brought the semi annual Seal Count, in which volunteers comb all the beaches at the same time, from 9-12 on Saturday.  This determines how many seals are estimated to live in our waters.  The formula is for every seal seen there are two more unseen.  Since we counted 15 (on the whole island of Kauai) that translates to 45 seals.  On our shift we also came upon an injured turtle in Waikomo Creek, one that had a large tumor on its head.  After we called the turtle rescue, she went back into the water.  We don’t think that it will be long for this world, there has seemed to be a rash of these turtle tumors in the past few years, though there has been some encouraging signs that they are decreasing.  Studies haven’t yet determined what has caused them.  I decided not to put any of the turtle pictures in the blog, since they’re kind of gross.

The same day Donna and I took a trek up the Shipwreck Trail to check on a small seal that had been seen, unfortunately, we arrived at the Shipwreck parking lot just in time to see paramediics loading a man who had just drowned in the surf into an ambulance, it is so sad to see something like that.  Unfortunately many tourists don’t quite realize how dangerous the ocean can be, that spot is especially rough.  This year already, we have lost 6 people to drowning, all tourists, with so much turnover it is hard to educate everyone even with film loops at the airport alerting folks to the dangers, as well as signs at all the beaches.

Also interesting is how long it can take for some things to happen.  Several weeks ago a visitor driving on the bypass near Kukui’ula straddled the guide rail and flipped over.  Still this week the upside down car hasn’t been removed.  Although the tires and wheels have been!IMG_1854




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