This is why we moved to Kauai

The weather has been as perfect as it can be.  The crowds are down….a little, the trades are back, its sunny and we’ve had seals to entertain us every day.  Though we both could use a little less entertaining after multiple seals every day for the past three weeks.  W06 is getting to be quite the little devil.  I am afraid she is training K90 to come up at Poipu.  Part way through the week, we spent a little time with a outreach specialist from Hawaii Division of Aquatic Resources from the Big Island, Susannah Welch.  Mimi introduced us to give her a handle on how we handle the Monk Seals on our island.  They don’t have near the numbers we have and are setting up protocols there to handle an increase on their island. They have about 3 or so compared to our 40-45.  I think she was surprised to see how many tourists as well as seals are here.  Kona, on the Big Island is where the seal hospital is located.  This year 7 young, emaciated seals were transported from the northwestern Hawaiian Islands to be fattened up and in a couple of months returned.  The hope is that they will be better able to compete with the sharks and jacks up there and will thrive.

We even had a chance this week to amble down to the Honu Bar and watch the sun go down, always a treat.  To the background of the sunset, hawaiian music, and a hula lesson, we raised our glasses to each other.

Every day, K90 hauled out at Poipu and later in the day W06.  It was interesting to see the two seals interact, it was almost as if they were pals.  W06 would peruse the situation and haul out right next to K90.  They are both young adult females and at least around here it is pretty unusual to see two together on the beach at the same time.  K90, who always would haul out on rocks, now has discovered the beach.  We continually learn from these creatures.

Thursday, we planned ahead and got a reservation for the music at Kalaheo Steak and Ribs and invited Peter, Kathy, Doug, Joanie, Mike and Suzanne to accompany us.  Before the music started, it was pretty noisy and there was some question whether to was too noisy…….. and then the music started.  This group was so much fun, a mixture of Hawaiian and old rock, that it inspired everybody to dance on the tiny dance floor.  Ernie, one of the owners, moved tables and chairs and we all had a raucous time, fueled by a fairly small amount of alcohol.  The evening was a complete success.IMG_0547

Even Ernie joined in the festivities.  The group, Wailoa, was very entertaining with a few jokes and great music.  One of the musicians had a incredible Hawaiian falsetto voice.

We enjoyed the weekend off, Jamie insisted that we take the weekend off, since we put so much time in at the beach with the seals.   He’s very concerned about volunteer burnout, so tries to give us time off.   On Saturday it rained and we trekked off to the the reduced price matinee movie in Lihue, along with all the other seniors, visitors and locals alike, to see Bridge of Spies on Saturday.  It was really good, dramatic and ended well.  Plus no body was shot etc.   We were on our way home when we heard that there was a seal in the keiki pool at Poipu.   The volunteer that Jamie had down there is really sweet, but rather frail.   I don’t think that Jamie was aware of her condition – we don’t assign her to Poipu anymore, since it’s the most difficult place to do volunteer work.   So put on our uniforms and headed down.   We ended up watching K90 play in the shallow water of the keiki pool until sunset, before going home.   After our usual Hyatt Sunday morning sojourn, we loafed Sunday away, watching the Packers win a close one against San Diego,   At least we got one day off!


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