Another Week in Paradise

The week has been extremely busy, our friend W06 was up almost every day, even though she has molted, she still is making Poipu Beach her own.  Although, she hasn’t always been alone on the beach, K90 has come up to share the zone with her.  Surprisingly W06 hasn’t seemed to mind.  We decided that she is more trouble than all the rest of the seals on Kauai, she doesn’t stay in one place and we keep having to move the signs as she moves.  Each sign move involves moving chairs, blankets and towels, as well as people.  Many times also, she decides to go for a swim for a half hour or so and comes back up.  But she has such a sweet face, we can’t get too annoyed with her.


We took a break from the pinnipeds on Thursday night and went out to dinner at Kalaheo Steak and Ribs.  We had planned to go for the Thursday night music, however, with so many people on the island, there was no room.  We will try for next week.  So we still stayed for dinner in the main dining room, but without the sweet sounds of the Wailoa band.

On Friday, I went to get a pulmonary stress test, trying to improve my running so that I don’t have to walk in the middle of my morning runs….I guess all it did was confirm the vocal cord disfunction diagnosis….so I’m working on my breathing in order to overcome it.  Evidently, my vocal cords snap shut when I’m stressed, such as when running.

While I was practicing the breathing/running, I came upon a “herd” of wild pigs on my regular running route….that is rather startling…..they look like the wild boars of legend.

The weather all week has been absolutely perfect.  Cool nights, warm days, and best of all, trade winds.  The beach has been very pleasant and the crowds have been smaller than usual.

The week sped by, before we knew it, it was the weekend.  We ended the week, as usual, at the Grand Hyatt watching the sun rise and munching on blueberry scones.  Sunsets too  have been excellent since the sun sets over the water this time of year, rather than over Nihihau, like it has all summer.  At sunset all the tourists walk down to the beach or the cliffs to look for the “Green Flash”, the sliver of green at the horizon just as the edge of the sun disappears below the ocean surface.  Sometimes, it’s more like a “green dot”.IMG_1723W ith the end of summer and the start of the winter season (we really don’t have four seasons here, as the differences between calendar seasons are quite minor), some of our regular seal volunteers are returning.  This week Lynn returned, and next week Shannon is to return.  it’s nice to get them back.  They’re experienced and reliable, plus available most days.  We’ve had a lot of new volunteers trained, but most don’t seem to be available very often.  It does take quite a commitment to volunteer and often times it seems to be more than the person expected.



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