Everything back to normal

We’ve been back a week and W06 has returned also.  In fact she decided to start molting….that happens once year with the Monk seal.  Only W06 is a little different, most seals stay on the beach for over a week without leaving, she tends to go out every night, but she also molts faster than other seals.  During the molt they have some respiratory issues and also don’t feel too good, however, as soon as they finish all the old green algae and hair is shredded and they look clean and shiny.

During the molt they don’t look so good to us, but evidently they look pretty good to a male monk seal.  K31 has been sniffing around, in fact he has shared her zone several times this week.

W06 isn’t the only one with respiratory issues this week, Charlie acquired a cold right after we returned and last weekend, I too got the cold.  The weather has been great with the trades having returned but I haven’t been able to enjoy it too much, since I’ve been hanging out at home while everyone else watches seals.

Charlie had lots of hours on seal duty, that and my sickness contributed to our forgetting a lunch reservation we had at KCC.  We felt very badly about this, since the KCC lunches are fun.  Hard to believe that we forgot this.

One of the Kauai volunteers Gary Langley, monitors the “weaners” this year’s pups, and he took the following two pictures, they illustrate the reasons we find the seals so adorable.  This looks like it’s right out of the Peanuts comic strip, only its not Linus and his blanket but a weaner with his twig.


This week we were overwhelmed with bananas, as two trees produced ripe fruit.  After harvesting the fruit, we cut the trees down since they won’t produce more bananas.  And this means another trip to the green waste site.

Saturday night we took Tree and Donna out to dinner.  We wanted to thank Donna for taking care of Allie while we were off-island in September.  And Tree was just in the right place at the right time, so he got a free dinner too.  Tree shared a story with us about the afternoon before on the beach.  W06 had been on the beach at Lawai and left around 3:30, he went down to Poipu around 4:30 as W06 swam up, right through the middle of a baptism in the ocean, around 200 people were standing around as she swam through the middle on her way to her spot on the beach.  Tree asked a participant what was happening, had they just saved a swimmer, the response was, yes, in a way.

Sunday morning we went to the Hyatt even earlier than normal, as we had to get to Poipu beach around daybreak to put up signs and rope if W06 was still up on the beach.  When we got to Poipu, W06 was gone, so we put away the signs and left.  We checked Lawai beach too, but no seals there either.  Still before 7 am, we had time to go to Kukui’ula Shopping Center for the grand opening of the new Long’s Drugstore.  After a kumu blessed the store, we flocked in, along with a few dozen other people.  You know it’s a small island when people come out for the grand opening of a drugstore!



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