We’re back from the Mainland

After over three weeks, we are back home. We had a great time, saw lots of friends, went back to Washington Island and Rock Island, ran a little, ate a lot, cooled off, and all in all had a great time.IMG_0514

Riding the ferry across Death’s Door brought up good memories, as did the view from Jackson Harbor of our old camping ground, Rock Island.  It was a reunion of sorts, since the old group, Tino, Mary, Bruce, Andrea, Tom and Julie and us were all there at the same time after a three year hiatus.  This time we didn’t camp but stayed at the Jackson Harbor Inn, owned by Pam, who has become a good friend since we met her several years ago after being rained off Rock Island.IMG_0515

The view from the shore near Pam’s log house.   The Inn was full, but she put us up in her house, while she stays with friends.

The Ironman Wisconsin was being held while we were in Wisconsin and, as we have for the past 9 years or so, we volunteered, this year at the marathon and at a prime corner, next to the Memorial Union.

First we had to watch the Packer/Bears game on the big screen at the Rathskellar.  Charlie arranged our volunteer time around that game, and it worked out perfectly.  After watching the Packers beat the Bears, we walked outside to our volunteer station, and were there from 4 to 8 pm, cheering on and directing the runners on their way to becoming Ironmen.

Here’s the view from the Union terrace.   Most of the terrace is undergoing renovation, but fortunately a portion is still available.

We stayed at our friends, Anton and Marcia’s place, close to the campus and though Charlie was working most every day, I got to visit old friends and even had two wonderful runs with the Movin Shoes group, Women on the Run.  It was an awesome experience and I enjoyed it immensely.  We ran along both lakes, our fearless leader, Tom Deitz, orchestrated both runs as well as the photo sessions.  He arranged for me to be in the middle of the photo.


We had a chance to see old friends at Graze on the Saturday morning farmers market….it felt like we had never left.   We tried several new restaurants and we both probably gained 10 pounds eating good old Wisconsin cheese, drinking beer and eating popcorn at the Union.  We also got in a group dinner at Swagat, our favorite Indian restaurant in Madison. We were welcomed by the owner and staff, and they brought us complimentary pakoras to celebrate our annual return.  It was fun – we always enjoy eating there and talking to the staff.

The weather in Wisconsin was really nice while we were there.  It’s been really muggy and warm in Kauai this summer, so it was nice to find cooler weather.  It even felt good to put on long pants and long sleeved shirts – a rarity in Kauai!  Since returning to the island, we immediately were called to the beach by W06 and both of us spent numerous hours at Poipu and Shipwreck Trail.  A break on Wednesday, allowed us to partake in the KCC culinary luncheon put on by the new students at the college, always a treat.  Unfortunately we also battled a cold this past week, maybe from being tired and flying.


One thought on “We’re back from the Mainland

  1. Sue – it was so much fun to have you and Charlie here. But now I miss you guys more than ever! And Sami just sent out a Moules Frites announcement – so we will be thinking of you as we feast!

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