Yipee, Kilo changed his mind

At the last minute, Kilo decided to veer off to the west…whew!  But tropical depression 12-E  is close behind and it’s track also is right across Hawaii.  We just aren’t getting much of a break between storms and with the warm water, all of the storms with Hawaiian names have us in their sights.

The good news has been that the seals seem to be aware of the storm possibility and are staying out to sea.  We’ve had a few cruising around, but they haven’t been beaching.     Because of the unstable air provided by Kilo, we are also having major rains and flooding, especially on the north shore.   We’ve had some flooding down here,  Waikomo Creek is pretty full and there are a number of flooded roads, but in general, its been nice to have rain.

The last time I drove into Lihue i took the back road and watched one of the big cruise ships dock, it is amazing to see them negotiate the small harbor.

Because its been so hot, we’ve been spending more time indoors with the AC on and enjoying our little girl, who’s been getting pretty big in the past year. Allie is quite the little  princess.


We still miss Hayley and Comet, but Allie has been a major comfort.  She looks a lot like Bob, we sometimes want to call her Bob because of the resemblance.

In the middle of the week, Tropical Depression 12e intensified to a Tropical Storm and by the weekend was a Stage 4 Hurricane, Ignacio.  The forecasts had it coming right at the islands, then it started to slide a little north.  Everyone was stocking up all week and making preparations, including several of our friends.  Doug, Peter, Mike and Charlie took a tour of each other’s homes to determine where all the plywood and hurricane materials  were stored.   Doug and Joanie will be off-island, so the others can hopefully set things up if needed.  Luckily, on Sunday it was determined that Ignacio was going to pass north of the island chain, though we are still likely to get some winds and heavy rains with it.  But now hurricane Jimena, another stage 4 hurricane, is following about a week behind, following the same track.  This will be the 8th named storm this year.  It has been, as predicted, a very active hurricane season, due to El  Niño and the warmer ocean water temperatures.

On Saturday, Charlie’s softball team and some other teams had a pot luck at the Koloa Ball field down the street.  But the coolest thing was…..the same crew that held a jam session at the hotel in Kona during the softball tournament decided to jam again at the ballpark.  A few others joined in, they had a sound system set up and Hawaiian and other songs abounded.  All but one of the musicians were on Kauai Senior softball teams, it was truly an awesome authentic experience.  Many of the musicians play in other music venues, but this free concert was over the top.  SOFTBALL RHTHYMS 018

This is the motley crew – these events are really fun, it isn’t staged or put on for visitors.  This is done because they all love to do it.  Makes us glad to be getting integrated into the real lifestyle and culture.

SOFTBALL RHTHYMS 020And this is Darrell, West Kauai’s outfielder, in the green shirt.  I had no idea that he could play the ukulele or sing.


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