Kilo is coming

The week started out with seals up every day, we were going from one beach to another and most of our volunteers were off island.  That was the main issue, multiple seals up at different locations.  It’s been hard to find enough volunteers to cover one each for an entire day, so having multiple locations is a real struggle.  Eventually we had to leave one seal at the Hyatt, roped off but without a volunteer.   We heard later that some people had harassed the seal while we were gone.  One of our dominant males showed up at Shipwreck Beach, K31 hadn’t been seen on the island since April 17.  It was good to see him, he is probably back to check out the females, since most of them have weaned their pups and are fertile again.

We went for nearly morning walk down at Poipu this past week, past several rental houses and condos.   We It’s amazing how many visitors smoke dope really in the morning!

It has also been very hot and muggy, in fact July was the hottest ever recorded and August has tied or set record highs 11 of the past 21 days.  The water surrounding us is warmer than ever as well, making conditions favorable for hurricane development.  In fact mid week, a tropical depression developed in the Pacific that has since increased to a tropical storm and named Kilo.  Whenever a storm starts in the central Pacific it is named a Hawaiian name, those that start in the eastern Pacific have a western name.  Early predictions of it’s possible path had it following a path similar to Iniki and Iwa, two hurricanes 20 and 40 years ago that hit Kauai.  So all week folks have been bracing for a major storm, buying bottled water, checking first aid kits, stocking up on canned food, filling gas tanks and testing generators.  Since we are an island, all preparedness requires that we be self-sufficient for at least 1 week.

The weather has been very muggy, making us very happy that we installed air conditioning last year, with little to no trade winds it isn’t pleasant.  Our friends without air conditioning have been suffering quite a bit.

By Sunday morning, Kilo’s path had changed, looking like it might not hit Kauai directly, but pass NW of us, but we are still preparing and hoping it continues that way.  The weather forecasts show intense storms all over the Pacific.  Looking at all the dark red and orange colored storms is scary!  This has been an especially active year, with the waters warmer than normal.   And the warm waters help breed hurricanes.  Hurricane season officially goes through November.

The Hyatt Sunday morning scone event doesn’t show much difference.


It’s still paradise, though pretty warm.


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