New Moon, Muku this week….tides are big

This week several natural events occurred, New Moon, high tides, big swells (from tropical storm Hilda) and the meteor shower.  The Hawaiians have a name for every moon and the new moon happens to be Muku.  I only wish I knew more about it, the native hawaiians knew exactly what each meant and planned fishing and agriculture around it.  We are so ignorant about these things, I guess that is the tradeoff of more “advanced” civilization.

After a slow week, while we were off-island, the seals came back with a vengeance.  One day we had three sleeping on the beach at one time, rather unusual…..and they were lying close to each other.



Two were female, 1KY and 4DP and one male that we haven’t seen on the south shore before, Temp 309.  Their appearance caused great interest on the Sheraton beach.  The next day we had three up at the same time, but at two different sites.  In fact every day we had multiples.  With the lack of volunteers right now, it was quite challenging to have coverage for all the sites……all in a normal day’s work.

Our friends, Doug and Kathy both had birthdays the same day, on the 11th one turned 60 and the other 70 and Joanie arranged a surprise birthday party for them at an incredible rental house on the ocean front.  Charlie and I helped with the set up, not only was it catered, but she had arranged a small jazz band to play, and even had the Aloha Spirit, a retrofitted vehicle with seats, a thatched roof and surfboard on top to shuttle folks from Poipu Park to the site.  The whole affair was quite complicated, but a huge success.  Unfortunately for Charlie, he had a end-of-season softball meeting and we split to attend each.  I had gourmet food, fine wine and a high end experience, while he had light beer and puppus.  The venue was amazing, the house is worth about $9 million…….an eyeopener on how the top 10% live.  Quite a treat for an evening.



The inside of the house was even more elaborate with an uninterrupted view of the ocean from the master suite and a gourmet kitchen.

Even the two cakes were elaborate.


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