Once in a blue moon

Yes, there is a Blue Moon this week.  The week started out with a picnic at the boat harbor with Peter and to see the huge swells that hit the south shore.  The wave faces were at least 10 feet….awe inspiring…..and kinda scary.  We took our pupus down with a gin and tonic or two and watched until the sun set.  I was glad to be on shore, you’ve got to respect the power of the waves.  Unfortunately, too many tourists don’t respect its power and are washed off the rocks every year.

Its also been unusually hot, evidently El Niño is increasing the ocean temperatures, they are the hottest ever recorded and now we are expecting a possible hurricane for next week.  Charlie and I have been measuring and installing hurricane fabric anchors on most of our windows.  The lanai windows and doors have plywood that we cut last year.   The plywood is very heavy, and hard to put up.  But on the lanai it’s much easier, since we can put up most of the plywood with ladders.  The fabric is ready with all the mounts installed around the windows so it will take very little time to put up if necessary.  We should only need a day to install them in the case that Guillermo (the hurricane heading our way) rears its ugly head.  We’ve been scrambling because we plan to be in Kona next week for the state senior softball tournament. On Saturday, the projected path of the hurricane was just north of the Big Island.  The storm is supposed to degrade, but could still have strong winds and heavy rains.  And it is supposed to be passing near the big island on Tuesday/Wednesday, and heading towards Kauai on Thursday.   We travel to Kona on Monday, and are supposed to return Thursday.   If the planes are flying…..

I guess seals, especially W06, have been very tired this week.   She’s been up on the island at Poipu almost every day and 4DP has decided the South Shore is appealing.  All this activity has been a wee bit overwhelming, I was on the beach with 4DP and then W06 for 5.5 hours on Friday.  Luckily, we have four new volunteers which helps, but they need to shadow an experienced person before we let them loose.  Its a good thing too, since us stalwarts, Charlie, Barry, Mary and I are all at the tournament and the new folks will be on their own.

Our back yard has daily been covered with rainbow shower tree petals, the tree is very pretty but a pain the clean up after it.

I’m still amazed at how quickly vegetation grows in this climate.  Our backyard is full of vegetation……it is so lush.

DSCN5239Note the lime-laden tree.


And we still have bananas every month.

On Sunday we made our usual trek to the Grand Hyatt and then I went pup sitting while Charlie stayed back to cover the south shore.  This was my first time observing PK4, the last pup born.  I love seeing the newbies, they are so very black and cuddly looking.




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