What a great Independence Day week

The blog website has been disrupted for several weeks.  For a while I wasn’t able to access the site or to enter an new blog posts.  Portions of it are now back, but I still can’t enter photos into the blogs.  So there haven’t been any new posts ‘due to technical reasons’ as they say in the media.

its been hot in Koloa, there is a large pressure system preventing the trade winds from developing so it feels rather uncomfortable right now.  We haven’t had too many seals up all week, However, we have been up to pup sitting as usual.   We have had two big events, the first was my big dive trip to Niihau.  Since Julie came and reintroduced me to Scuba diving, I made a reservation to go diving off the island off Kauai, Niihau.  The head of our seal program, Jamie and I decided to take the boat trip in order to see monk seals underwater.  That island has over 85 seals compared to ours (we have about 40-45).  Not only did we see seals, but we also saw quite a few sharks, one of which followed Jamie for a while, good thing he didn’t know it, he might have freaked out had he known.  We played with an octopus, observed moray eels, saw several rare reef fish and cruised (flew) along a steep vertical wall and into caves on three separate dives, the last two drift dives.  A drift dive is a dive where the boat captain drops you off at one spot, you “drift” with the current and he picks you up at another.  Interestly, the second two dives were nitrox ( a higher percentage of oxygen, 30% instead of air which is 20%) this allows you a longer bottom time without decompressing….important because all of our dives were greater than 70 feet.  A secondary reason is, since we were 2.5 hours away from any emergency help, it decreases the possibility of contracting the bends.

The second event, held on July 4th, was the annual Kachi Kachi dance held by Charlie’s West Kauai Senior softball team as a fund raiser.  We were concerned that scheduling it on a day when so much else was happening, might be a bust.  However, the turnout was pretty good, considering, and everyone had a good time.  Kachi Kachi was introduced to Hawaii by Puerto Rico sugarcane workers and is an extremely local event, we haoles were a minority.  It is reminiscent of texmex.  The coach and several others pulled me out into the dance floor and Charlie was even convinced to go out once.  Charlie and I were responsible for giving out the door prizes, quite a challenge because of all the unfamiliar names as well as the difficulty of reading handwriting.  After clean up, we arrived home at around midnight.


4 thoughts on “What a great Independence Day week

  1. I want to hear all the stories about the dives when you come to Madison! And when is the baseball tournament??? Julie

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