Summer Solstice and more

Back to routine! twice a week pup sitting…every Wednesday and Sunday, it is hard work walking a couple of miles in deep sand, I read that walking or running in sand is as much as 70% more strenuous that walking on firm ground.  With all this exercise, you’d think that we’d be getting stronger.  If so, the results are hard to see!  At the far end of the beach we found PK2.  He was weaned by his Mom and appears to be relishing his freedom by “playing” with the other weaner, G13.

Midweek we made the decision to go down to Lawai Beach and have a picnic with Peter and Kathy.  We got to the beach with all our stuff only to discover the tide and waves were so high that there was no beach left.  The combination of a south swell and waves (much to the delight of local surfers) did it.  So on we went to Kukuiula Harbor to grab a picnic table and take pictures of the waves and Spouting Horn. 


This is more of a local place than either Lawai or Poipu and we were rewarded by a local man that gave us a bag full of Lychee fruit…there was a big local party in the shelter next to us.

The surf diminished later in the week and it started to really feel summery……high 86 degrees….we conceded and turned the AC on…nice!  Allie likes it too.

We spent the usual two days per week pup sitting, and especially enjoyed watching the weaners wrestling in the surf.

Of note this week was Charlie’s last softball game of the season, before the tournament…..they won but it was ugly.  W06 was the only seal up on the south shore and she wasn’t up every day, a welcome relief.

One day we were over at Kathy and Peters when who should ride up but John Wayne, of course he wanted his picture taken in front of Old Koloa House for posterity.

I’ve been trying to download a couple of pictures, but they keep crashing the site, so I’m sending this the way it is until I can figure out how to fix it.


3 thoughts on “Summer Solstice and more

  1. What a life. Heard about Julie’s stay and glad you had such a great time. Wish you could come for Julie’s birthday party on the 19th. Let me know.
    I’m in Colorado staying with Katie for a few days. I have 6 wk short-term disability so it shouldn’t matter where I recover. As I’m typing I’m looking out at Pike’s Peak. After I retire I plan to spend a few months here. She is off to a new job in Kentucky and wants to keep her place. You can walk to Garden of the Gods and it is spectacular.

    miss you both.

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