Not only trades, but now swells

The trade winds continue, but we are experiencing large swells due to hurricane Andre in the SE pacific.  In fact, the lifeguards closed the beach for swimming due to the large waves coming in.  Even in the very protected bay and keiki pool large swells were breaking.  Experienced surfers love it but many tourists put themselves in danger by going out.  In the three hours we sat with W06, 3 people were rescued.  We heard later that a visitor drowned on Tuesday at Shipwreck Beach, adjacent to the Hyatt.  


This picture shows the “protected” part of Poipu beach.

Early In the week, in a moment of nostalgia for Wisconsin, Joanie, Doug, two other friends and we went to a place in Lihue called Rob’s Good Time Grill (and bowling alley) for burgers and beer….just like a good ol Wisconsin tavern.  Then to continue our social calendar, we had Tree and Donna over for KC ribs on Tuesday (I was trying a rib recipe on Tree, who is a rib connoisseur) yum, yum.  Continuing, again considering our Wisconsin roots, we had an Italian sausage Fest (couldn’t find brats)  with beer from Monroe, WI after Charlie’s  Thursday softball game, even though I forgot the buns, the team enjoyed their Wisconsin experience.  He had the weekly game on Thursday because the other team had a funeral on Saturday (one of the issues when everyone on the team is over 60).  Our team agreed to change the day for the other team.  Unfortunately, West Kauai Seniors lost…..again…..and it wasn’t because the official scorekeeper…me …..was wrong.

Friday night found us at the National Tropical Garden (Donna volunteered us for the Keiki activities) to help with the outdoor showing of Jurrasic Park, just before the release of Jurrasic World.  Both films had a number of scenes filmed in the park, so there was a dinosaur theme to the fund raiser.  It reminded me of old days in rural Wisconsin when outdoor movies were shown and families went to allow kids to play together and adults to drink.

Activities included dinosaur dig, our assignment, two kiddie pools were filled with sand and dinosaur skeletons were buried so kids could dig for them and get a prize.  It was quite popular with the little kids and many kept returning….especially because it was free.  350 people were expected and over 800 showed, complicating things because there was no parking at the site and everyone had to be shuttled in 4 small buses.  The screen was an inflatable one ….huge and they didn’t start inflating until about an hour before scheduled movie time.  Also, since so many more people came than were expected, the food line was amazing.  The audio didn’t work right away so we decided to leave before the crowd got restless……we had had our fill of little kids. 


Note the long food line in the background.  Then Donna with two of the returning Keiki (kids). 

Continuing with our busy social week, we had Doug and Joanie over for dinner Saturday evening.

Sunday had us back pup sitting.   The trades had stopped for a couple of days, it was pretty warm and the heat brought out scads of nudes, at one point we counted 20 naked people, and 7 naked seals.  Somehow it’s a bit disconcerting to have conversations with bronzed, naked folks about monk seals.  We are serving 3hour shifts, twice a week.  These shifts, because it’s a significant drive, end up being more like 5-6 hours…..and we have more pups expected.

That evening I didn’t have to cook…much.  we went to a “pupu” potluck party (appetizers ) at our friends from seals and softball, Mary and Barry.  There was an interesting mixture of folks from softball, seal and new acquaintances from the cave at Mahaulepu.

This morning we waited on Poipu beach, looking to see  a NASA launch of a ‘deaccelerator’ test.   This is to be part of a system to land a vehicle on Mars.  A balloon was released at the Pacific Missile Range facility here on Kauai.  At 5000′ a missile was to fire, taking the capsule to a height of 34 miles.  Then it was to return, but using a parachute to slow it down.  However the parachute failed to open, so the test was a failure.  


Check out the white dot, that’s the balloon.

 All in all a busy week.


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