Number three is here

This year’s  third seal pup was born this week, yippee ! He is pretty darned cute. 

Even covered with sand.  As usual, since he is the third pup born in 2015, his designation is PK3.  The other event was that PK1 was weaned, Mom K13  left but left her babe very healthy…and fat so she should do well.  She certainly doesn’t seem to miss her mom.  As usual, when the pup is weaned it gets tagged.  PK1 is now G13, G designates 2015 and 13 is her number after her mom, K13.

Does she look content , or what?  We spent Sunday morning pup sitting.  There are the three new pups, their mothers, and various others, males, hanging around.  We’ve had very few seals on the south shore all week so we got the weekly seal fix pup sitting on the north shore.

Earlier in the week we were at Poipu beach early in the morning when we heard that there was a turtle entangled in fishing line on the beach.  We checked it out, and sure enough, there was a young turtle with a fishing line in its mouth, and a large ball of entangled line wrapped around its front right flipper.  The line had cut deeply into the flipper flesh, and may have amputated the flipper if it wasn’t removed.  We called our coordinators, and got permission to try to remove the fishing line.  Charlie flipped the turtle over on its back, then covered its head with a towel.  The fishing line was wrapped tightly around the flipper with multiple strands, and the front of the flipper was bloody and raw.  Using a scissors he was able to carefully cut each of the strands, and pull them out of the wound.  And then finally to deal with the line in the turtles mouth.  A slight pull on the line indicated that the turtle ingested a fishing hook, so the only thing that could be done was to cut the line at the mouth.   We’re told that ingested hooks will eventually dissolve – we hope so.  After removing all of the line, the towel was removed, the turtle flipped back over, and put in the ocean.  It swam off, free of line.  The open wound on the flipper should heal in a few days.  

    Sunday morning found us at our weekly haunt at the Hyatt.  We had heard that a couple of whales had recently been seen, unusual this late in the season.  But while sitting at the Hyatt, we saw a couple of spouts.  Not sure why these whales are still here, they should be back in Alaskan waters by now. 

The only other event of note was Charlie’s softball game.  They didn’t win, their ranks are decimated with injuries, but since they have only just enough players, I was tapped to score.  Wow, good thing the team is patient, I’ve got a lot of studying to do, they are asking me to score at the tournament in Kona in August….yikes!


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