Trade winds are back and welcomed

The weather has been absolutely perfect.  Upper 70’s and brisk winds make for extremely pleasant days.  All week has been so.  The seals haven’t been up too much either to the chagrin of tourists, we’ve appreciated the break.  The only seal on the south shore was 4DP but she was just up 3 times.  

Charlie’s softball team is making plans for the state tournament.  The tournament is held in Kona on the Big Island in August this year.  A few of the wives, including me, are also going, it should be fun.  But now, one of our missions is to sell tickets to the team fund-raiser Katchi Katchi dance in July, which pays for our trips…..we probably will have to buy all our allotted 20 tickets ourselves.  Most of the local players have extended families to buy them.  Charlie and I both are (finally) starting to understand the pidgin and also starting to be accepted by the local players.  One of the team rituals is a shot of booze before the game – a challenge for the 9 am games!

Big news this week was the hooking of one of last year’s pups, F28.  He had swallowed a large circle hook and was flown to Oahu to have it removed.  Luckily, it didn’t have to be surgically removed but it was removed endoscopically! It was a full foot long, the X-ray that was published In the newspaper was quite impressive.  Everyone involved with the monk seals was excited to be present when he was released back on the north shore. The Coast Guard flew him back from Oahu by helicopter on Friday as part of their training.  We didn’t make the release, we were busy on the south shore with 4 DP, I have it on good authority that he “flippered” them off as he swam away.

We’ve scheduled ourselves for pup sitting twice a week into July.  The new pup, PK2 is growing quickly, it was good to see when we got to the beach for our 3 hours on Sunday.  PK1, looks like a little tub, she is 6 weeks old and we expect her mom to leave any day…..she will officially be a weaner. 

The skinny one is mom…..PK1 is behind.  


  Above is PK2, the newest pup (1week old), note the difference a few weeks make.

The warm weather has been a boon to our local fruit.  Mango season is under way, and trees near us are dropping fruit on the road, creating quite a mess, but a smorgasbord for the chickens.  Avocados are also in season, and our friends Joanie and Doug have a huge crop on their tree.  We’ll be trading bananas for avocados for weeks.  
It’s going to be a very busy summer, as several of our regular seal volunteers are off island or otherwise not available.  We’re still expecting several more seal pups, and we’re planning on doing pup sitting twice a week for the next two months.  That’s on top of our south shore seal duty, plus our other regular activities.  It’s going to be a challenge!


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