It’s  pupping season again

The second pup of the season, PK2 has been born to K22 and we got to meet it at only 2 days…what a darling!.   

Note the umbilical cord is still attached.



 The pup appeared hungry, and slowly circumnavigated its mother, looking for a nipple.  But K22 was ignoring it.  We didn’t see the pup nurse during our pup shift.  Note too that we’re referring to the pup as ‘it’, since it’s sex has yet to be determined.  Unfortunately, PK22’s pup from last year was found dead on the rocks on the north shore just over a week ago.  The carcass was flown to Oahu for a necropsy and the results indicated that it was likely due to a boat collision.  How sad, of the 5 pups born last year, only 2 survive.  Hopefully, this year will be better.  If you are on Facebook check out this site, there is an interesting video about the work being done on the seals.

K30, one of our older seals hauled out at the Grand Hyatt, so we spent a pleasant couple of hours on one of the swings watching her, we hadn’t seen her on the south shore for over a year.  She is the one with huge shark bite scars and an entanglement scar on her neck.  Plus a year ago she added propeller scars on her side.  And she also has several cookie cutter scars as well.  Not sure if we should call her lucky or unlucky.   


Note the big scar.

We  volunteered at a “flash concert” at Friday’s Hanapepe Art Walk,  we collected donations for a cello concert featuring world renowned cellist, Matt Haimovitz.  It was held in a small garden at the Storybook Theatre, a pleasant venue.  It was surprising that such a small town had such an event. 


Also of interest is our friend, Peter’s “Fafard Pineapple Farm”, where he is raising pineapples that I had rooted from pineapples that we had eaten in the past year. 

 They are almost ready to eat.  

Saturday was the semi-annual monk seal count.  From 9 to 12 noon, volunteers scoured the shore line looking for seals, then IDing them and calling them in.  I had the south shore from Brennecke’s to the Sheraton, and I strolled this area several times.  All to no avail, as no seals came up in my area.  

On Sunday we had pup sitting duty, so a pleasant 3 hours was spent watching little PK2 playing and sleeping after our strenuous hike on loose sand.


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