Things are normal again

The week started out normally, our old friend W06 hauled out at Poipu on the island.  However, the weather is perfect, trades, 80 degrees and few tourists so it was hardly a burden.  As we keep telling tourists, the pay isn’t very good but the benefits are great.  She hauled out again two more times during the week, keeping us particularly busy with so many volunteers off island.  An American visitor who’s working for Bechtel in Australia, Jeff Sturgess, took this picture of her that I think is particularly good. 


Note the curly whisker.  

This week was fairly slow with seals so the highlight of our week was a chance to see our old couch in a starring role in the play “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf”.   In exchange for our couch we got four free tickets to the local production of the play.  The acting was amazingly good, given the size of our island, I can’t say the the subject was exactly uplifting, but the couch looked good.  We took Barry, one of Charlie’s teammates and Mary, the weekend seal hotline coordinator, and had a good time.

The West Kauai Seniors didn’t have an outstanding game, but Charlie excelled at first base….oh yes, and they lost.  The high winds that we’ve been experiencing made the game interesting, especially in the outfield.  Several balls were dropped by both teams due to the wind gusts.

Sunday, only one seal up, 4DP, and she left by 4 pm, so we checked out a new restaurant, Eating House 1849.  It was recently opened by local celebrity chef, Roy Yamaguchi, featuring local ingredients  and reasonable  prices.  Since it was Mother’s Day, we had to eat at the bar (we had no reservation) but the food was excellent.  Because it was Mother’s Day, they were giving all the women free dessert, their signature lava cake with Mac nut ice cream and raspberry drizzle.  Excellent!  Much to our surprise, the head of the college culinary institute was working, they needed extra help and he had already submitted the semester grades.  We had a quick chat with Duane, as they were quite busy with the Mother’s Day crowd.  Following dinner we stopped at MacNeil and Martin and visited with another friend Taryn.  It’s been enjoyable to get to know so many locals in the relatively short time we have lived here.


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