Back Home

We made it back home, though our luggage was offloaded in Fiji and didn’t make it home until Monday.  Surprisingly, we had no seals on Poipu Beach until Friday, giving us a chance to unpack, do laundry, and settle in. Allie was very glad to welcome us home, following us around for the first few days. On Thursday, I went, with Donna to pup sit the new pup, PK1, a real cutie because she has one front flipper that has pure white “fingers”. 


She is also a real “talker” 


It has been almost two years since I last “pup sat” and my legs felt the mile walk in deep sand even though we had walked considerably in New Zealand.  It was great to get back to our seals.  Donna, Shannon and I went again on Sunday while Charlie was left to cover the south shore.  He was busy too, with two seals.

On Sunday, we saw 6 seals, two males that were vying for the attention of momma seal RK13, had quite a scuffle.   Not sure if there was a winner here……..


The Sunday pup sitting excursion was an all day event for Donna, Shannon and me, having left at 7 am and not returning until around 4 pm (of course the return trip did include shopping and errands).   We decided that we were all too tired to fix dinner, so we invited Charlie and Tree to join us for a dinner out.  Donna suggested a new place at the Poipu Athletic club, but after arriving we found out that it was only pup us.   So we quickly scrambled and all drove to Pizzetta in Koloa, which of course is is only a block from our house.  Due to the low number of visitors at this time, we didn’t have any trouble getting in, and had a nice time.   A good end to a long day.

Obviously, we are back in the groove.  It’s a good thing that we are back, since several other seal volunteers are now gone or not available.  Some volunteers are here seasonally in the winter, and leave for the summer.  Others have medical reasons, while others go back to the mainland for frequent short family visits.  Regardless of the reason, we will be quite busy for the next few weeks, maybe months.  

We have had several questions on the beach the past few days regarding the presence of sharks in the water.  This is in response to last week’s shark attack in the Maui waters in which a female snorkeler was killed.  Fortunately shark attacks in the Kauai waters are less frequent.  Earlier this year Hanalei beach was closed for the day as a hammer head shark was swimming in the bay, but fortunately there wasn’t an incident.

The weather has been fantastic, the trades are back and the tourist population is down (we are between the snowbird and the west coast summer vacation crowds).  But it’s definitely moving into summer, as the evening temperatures don’t drop as low as they do in the winter.  It’s still an adjustment, as for the previous weeks we were adjusting to the dropping temperatures, as New Zealand was going into winter.  And speaking of adjusting, we caught ourselves the first few days turning on the wipers in the car rather than the turn lights, having been ingrained from NZ.  But at least we weren’t driving on the left side of the road!  

Last summer the mango crop was late, which led to much consternation in our household.  This year the crop is early, and the mango trees are full of fruit.  The trees on the road near our house have started to drop mangoes, as are the trees leading to the tree tunnel.   The fallen fruit is a bonanza for the chickens and feral pigs.  Of course the falling fruit is also a hazard for drivers.  Returning a rental car with mango dents is probably not covered by insurance!    

Also, the graduating class from the Culinary Institute had their last gourmet lunch.  Since Charlie was picking friends up at the airport, Donna and I went.  As usual, it was impressive.


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