April is here…again

April started out with turtles and a couple of seals.  We got a call one day that a turtle was blocking Koloa Landing, a boat launch and scuba diving spot so Mimi called and asked us to assist moving her.  We met Mimi at the landing and helped her displace the large turtle with seal crowding boards, large pieces of plywood held in front of us to “encourage” her to leave.  This was successful and allowed the divers to resume.  Mimi had also gotten a call that a large turtle was trapped up stream on the wrong side of a bridge at Kukui’ula Harbor, so we accompanied her to assess the situation.  It was low tide so we arranged to meet her several hours later at high tide to help that even-bigger turtle back into the ocean. 

We returned to have lunch at home and our neighbor called to report a dead turtle in the same harbor.  Back to the harbor we went and sure enough there was a smaller turtle, appearing dead since it was upside down, floating near the pier.  I thought it was dead but Charlie said it appeared to move a flipper and raise its head.  It was not moving closer to shore even with large waves coming in.  Just then, luckily, a local dive boat was returning to shore saw us observing, also saw the turtle and decided to check it out.  The dive master jumped in with his mask, fins and snorkel, to discover the poor turtle entangled in heavy duty fishing line that was keeping him just at the surface.  The diver cut the line, pulled the animal onto the dive boat, cut another line that was wrapped around a flipper and released it back into the water.  Without help the turtle would have drowned with a few hours as the tide rose.   We reported the incident to Mimi, checked the other turtle, and discovered that she had returned back to the ocean without help, with the tide.  A good morning….three turtles recovered it makes one feel mighty fine.

Back home again and got a call that a seal was at the Waiohai so back to Poipu.  All in a day’s work as a volunteer. 

It’s been dry this winter so south shore vegetation is tinder dry.  On Tuesday, we noticed dark smoke billowing from the Mahaulepu area and ash falling to the ground.  It was a brush fire, since there have been several reports of arson and there appeared to be four different fires, we speculated that this was arson as well.  About 100 acres were scorched, but no conclusion was reached.  We watched the red glow after dark from Shipwreck beach, next to the Grand Hyatt, where our old friend, K31 was escounced.  Quite the week!

Turtle on the boat ramp  


During the past year, I have tied a couple of spent orchids on our palm trees and both have bloomed again, in fact one has done it twice and attached to the tree. 


That’s what’s great about living in Hawaii.  The geckos are also charming when they peek out of our rain chain. 



2 thoughts on “April is here…again

    • Thanks Suzy, it’s nice to see that people read the posts. We are presently touring New Zealand so won’t post anything til we get back home….it will be a long one about the trip.

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