Two weeks with no internet

Our router died and we have been without Internet access for two weeks.  Finally, on St. Patrick’s Day, we got it back and much has happened  in those two weeks.  I’ll try to catch up on happenings.  

We went to the first luncheon of the spring semester for the KCC culinary students.   I had a great 3 course meal, with a crab cake appetizer, swordfish, and then an apple goat cheese tart.   Charlie had an ahi carpaccio, swordfish, and chocolate mousse.  The KCC students went on to national competition in Las Vegas, and apparently finished third.  We certainly have enjoyed watching and eating their progress!

EKK has been good, but the season is winding down.  Probably a good thing, as we were getting tired of the routine every Monday evening.  Next week is the season finale, and it should be extra especial, focusing on hula performers.

We visited the wall a couple of times during the past couple of weeks, and already our snow bird friends are starting to depart.  The whales are also thinning out, as winter is fast approaching the end.

We had been worried about 6AP, who has not seemed to gain weight since we first sighted him.  He’s a juvenile male, maybe 6 to 9 months old, who is very small and under weight.  So after consulting with the Oahu vets and scientists, it was determined to capture hm, deworm him, measure and test his health.  The Oahu vets flew in, and Charlie and I were called in to help.  It was very interesting, poor 6AP was only about 62 lbs and it was determined that since many seals have tapeworms, that he should be dewormed.  This necessitated putting a tube down his throut and putting an anti-worm solution into his stomach.



Note how many people it took, they measured him, took blood to test, weighed him, dewormed him and finally glued a satellite tracker on him.  After all that he was left and after a short rest went back to sea.  It was a very interesting day.  We have been following him and monitoring his health every few days.

Then continuing with seals, we have seen several unknown seals that we assume have swum over from Niihau, since we have not seen them on Kauai before.  Then K13, looking very pregnant, has shown up causing concern that she would pup on busy Poipu Beach.  That would necessitate closing one of the most popular beaches on the island for 6 weeks……not preferred!  


She looks huge.

Then Peter and Kathy heard mewing in the creek next to their house and discovered a tiny kitten next to a box, apparently thrown into the creek from the bridge.  Plunging into the water through deep guinea grass, they rescued her.  Thanks to Kathy’s attention, little Pearl is thriving.  She had to be taught to feed with a bottle and learn everything her mom would have taught her.  The vet estimated her age at two weeks when rescued…what a lucky kitty! 


All tuckered out after a play session.

Running has been good, nice and cool in the morning and my route takes me past a flock of goats.  They have just been kidding.  The little buggers are so cute that I had to stop and take a picture. 


Since I’m talking running, Charlie and I “ran” the “bum run”, a fun run sponsored by the Grand Hyatt to benefit the American Cancer Society.  It was pretty cool because it was run on the Poipu Bay golf course, a beautiful course along the ocean.  It was special because we don’t usually get to see that beautiful course.  We had a good time, though slower than we used to run. 


The finish was through an inflatable colon, provided by the American Cancer  Soc. to encourage people to get a colonoscopy.

The week ended with nice rain showers greening things up, with nice trades, and a high of 80 degrees.  So life is back to normal, in other words, connected.


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