March is in like a lion

March dawned cool and windy.  Nights down in the 60s and 20+ mph winds, but at least they are trades, from the NE.  Very pleasant for sleeping.  Allie is cuddling up, seeming to be missing the big boy but we’ve been so busy with seal watch that we haven’t had a lot of time to mourn Comet.  On Monday we were scurrying around with several seals up, one an unknown male was draped over a rock near the harbor..what an unusual position.. He doesn’t look too comfortable.


We enjoyed the Monday EKK concert until quite late.  Tuesday produced not a single seal giving us a chance to catch up on housework and a chance for Charlie to pull another muscle at softball practice.  He was limping again on Wednesday but he recovered enough to attend the final gala produced by the culinary students of the Kauai Community College that we had followed all year.  We took our friends, Tree and Shannon and dined on gourmet pupus, beef Wellington, paella, and scrumptious desserts as well as creative ice and butter sculptures prepared by the students.

This is after desserts, do we look stuffed?


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