And now Comet

How time flies, it’s already the end of another month.  We have no company planned, But we have met a number of people from WI this past week.  While seal sitting last week we met two couples from the north side of Madison.  And a few people came over to say hi, we met them last year while on seal duty, and they remembered us.  I think they’re really happy to be warm, and to ‘talk WI’.  

Peter and Kathy are back from the mainland and Donna is leaving for a month.  It seems odd to me how much the Kauai residents we know go to the mainland, maybe it is a function of feeling that the mainland is “home”.

Kathy called this week to say that they had rescued a tiny kitten from the creek next to their house it was right next to a cardboard box apparently someone dumped litter of kittens in the water and this one survived.  Peter went down into the creek and rescued the 2 week old kitten and they are feeding it.  They’ve named her Pearl.

she sure is cute!

Friday night found us volunteering at a Nakai Kater concert.  Donna, Charlie and I ran the box office.  It was amazing how badly organized this was.  We had a similar reaction to the David Sedaris program that we volunteered at.  I suppose these traveling promoters/organizers operate on a thin margin, but you really get the feeling that a couple of high school students could do a better job.  On to the performance, Kater is a Native American flutist from the southwest, and he teams with Nakai, who accompanies on the piano.  The music is best described as haunting, but there’s something that’s soothing and relaxing about it.  So once the music started, we enjoyed the evening.  

On Saturday Charlie had his usual softball game and though I was scheduled to do Whale count, I ended up going to his game.  Whale count consists of pairs that observe and record.  Since Shannon and Tree (the site leaders) had a odd number of volunteers, I didn’t participate, but went to Charlie’s game instead.  I have gotten to know members from  other teams when I practiced with them on Friday afternoon.  It was fun to get out and practice when I have no responsibility to play on a team.  It resulted in some sore muscles but was fun.  

Saturday evening, even though the south shore had 5 seals up, we relaxed on Lawai beach with cocktails, fish tacos and pupus with Joanie,  Doug, Kathy and Peter…….and incidentally, W06..  A good time was had by all.

The trades returned Sunday, 15mph plus, and it is extremely pleasant, though we really need rain.  It has been unusually dry this winter…..close to drought conditions…..and the predicted rain hasn’t developed.  Nice for tourists, but not for we locals.

 On Sunday we returned from our morning at the Hyatt, an hour or so later Comet started howling in obvious pain and paralyzed in his hind end.  This had happened three years ago in Madison due to an ailment called HCM, a thickening in the heart that slows the blood flow resulting in blood clots.  We knew that this would happen at some time and we were giving him blood thinners to delay this.  Unfortunately, though we got him to the vet within a half hour, there was nothing they could do other than allay his pain.  We had to let him go and  are heartbroken about losing him.  He was such a sweet boy and we miss him already.  We got Hayley and Comet just five years ago, and now they’re both gone, Hayley just 6 months ago.  

Allie is shown above with big brother Comet.  She’ll probably miss him as much as us.


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