What a zippy week!

The highlight of my week was zip lining with Doug and Julie, our friends from Madison. What a riot! Koloa ATV and Zip Line, next door to us leads a 8 part zip line experience up Haupa Mountain. The three of us went, it was so much fun as shown by the smiles in the picture.


It was also a very busy week with the seals, in fact on Thursday, we had five seals up and most volunteers were indisposed, including Charlie, who had softball practice. Therefore, I spent a full 6 hours on the beach.

E Kanikapila Kakou on Monday wasn’t quite as busy as the last week and we again were greeters and registering guests. It was another wonderful program as usual. The previous week the attendance far exceeded the official room capacity, and caused problems with people not being able to find seats.

Charlie, Donna and I also were ushers for a David Sedaris event at the Kauai Community College …….quite an event, especially since this was somewhat unusual because the folks that handled the tickets made a mistake. Charlie and I were using scanners at the door when we discovered that they would only read printed tickets and not cell phones resulting in long lines at the box office. Finally, the sponsor of the program, Ticket Master, came out and allowed us to just look at the confirmation on phones and let people in. It was a little tense for a while. Though this is Kauai and people are pretty laid back.

Friends from Madison, Bob and Caryl Terrell popped in mid week and joined us for dinner at a place called Josselins, located at Kukui’ula Shopping Center in Koloa. We had all remembered a restaurant called ‘A Pacific Cafe’ from 20 years ago, and were anxious to try the new place with the same chef and owner, Jean Marie Josselin. It is a tapas bar, with excellent but expensive, appetizers. Bob and Caryl have a timeshare in Kauai and come every year, it’s always fun to catch up with them (and drink good wine).

On Sunday we had the little guy (6AP) up on the rocks near Prince Kuhio park, we are watching him carefully because he seems pretty thin. If he gets too thin, we will probably transport him to the seal hospital on the Big Island to get fattened up.


The status of seal volunteers is very dynamic – we have full time resident volunteers, seasonal volunteers, and then short-term volunteers. A short term couple just left, they spent a lot of time at Poipu working on their tans, and helped out a lot with seal work. And within a few weeks some of our seasonal volunteers will be leaving. Plus the volunteers tend to be older, and having medical issues. Another regular Poipu volunteer will be having shoulder surgery this week. So it’s always a juggling effort to find volunteers. Sometimes I think we should just paint a sign on the seals saying ‘Stay away!’.


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