Off to Maui

4 of us seal volunteers decided to take an excursion to whale watch In Maui. Organized by Shannon; Lynn, Donna and I flew over to Maui this week. The largest concentrations of humpback whale moms and calves swim from Alaska to birth, spend about 6 weeks and mate between the islands of Maui and Lanai. We were told they like it there because it is somewhat protected and shallow. We left the guys behind to take care of the Kauai seals. I felt a little guilty because we were four of the most active south shore volunteers, but I did manage to submerge any guilt because we had a fantastic time.

Maui impressed me as being more frenetic as soon as we landed. It feels more developed than Kauai, there are better and more roads, wind turbines, and more shopping

Shannon had scheduled an expedition out of Lahaina in a small zodiac. Unfortunately, it was pretty windy and we bounced around quite a bit. Luckily, there were straps on the deck that we could put our bare feet under so we wouldn’t get tossed out of the boat. But, we saw lots of whales in the two hour trip, but also we were exhausted from hanging on.

We rented a condo on Ma’alaea Bay, in Kihei, right on the beach within walking distance of the aquarium and restaurants.


The beach was perfect for walking in the morning and we did partake, along with numerous others on our first morning. Curiously, there was a long wall along the beach that was covered with graffiti, I have no idea why, because it didn’t seem to have any function.


The second day dawned and since we weren’t scheduled for a whale watching trip until the afternoon, we spent most of the morning in the Maui aquarium, boning up on our ocean awareness. That included lunch in a restaurant in the aquarium complex.
The afternoon whale cruise was designed for photographers, and Shannon is an excellent one. After getting a few tips from the pro, I took our little camera and tried my luck.


We saw hundreds of whales, however, it was even windier and rougher than the day before but extremely satisfying.
We ended the three days by taking in the sunrise at 10,000 feet on Haleakala, the famous volcanic crater. Brrrrr, it reminded me why we left Wisconsin’s winters.

What a great trip! Back to Kauai.
Allie really missed me, see how excited she was to see me.

We jumped right back into seal recovery when T12 hauled out at Poipu and a little while later W06 did. They snuggled up next to each other for about an hour. Occasionally vocalizing and moving around.

Then W06 ( the female) went into the water followed by T12 (the male), next thing the two of them were writhing around him climbing on her …..all kinds of action to the delight of onlookers……maybe we’ll have a new pup around Christmas time. An hour later the two talked a little and came up on the beach again and went to sleep.

Doug and Julie Presney have been here all week and seem to be enjoying Hawaii, on the weekend they went to the north shore, it’s been fun showing them our home.


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