It’s not fair to be sick in Paradise

The first part of the week was not the greatest, I had such a bad, deep cough that my ribs ached…even by Saturday, my ribs were painful every time I coughed. Charlie did most of the seal duty with the exception that I spent a couple of hours at sunset watching W06. We both walked to Mahaulepu on Sunday to check a report of three seals on the beach (that was the day that we had 6 seals upon the south side). I spent a lot of time during the week in bed. On Monday, I had to pass on the EKK music program, and spent the evening recuperating.

Finally, by Saturday, I was ready to stay up for a while. Luckily, this was the whale count day. Charlie had his first softball game so I couldn’t go watch him, but for four hours I watched for humpback whales off Makahuena Point. This was a special experience, we saw hundreds of whales, many were moms and calves and about half of the families had an “escort”, a whale that travels with the new mom to help. The first hour there were so many “blows” and “slaps” that Donna and I had a hard time keeping up, especially since this was our first time doing this. We did get better as time went on and could concentrate on more than just blows, but also which ones were Moms and calves and which single whales. Evidently, single females come for about two weeks to get bred and young males to breed. The Moms and calves stay for about 6 weeks. Pictures below courtesy of Shannon.


Peter and Kathy have an orange tree that’s just loaded with oranges, and since they are off island, we have the enviable responsibility of harvesting them and squeezing orange juice. It is awesome! I had forgotten how good fresh juice is.


We had so many oranges…..4 big bags…..that we gave 3 bags away.

The week ended with our sitting in front of the TV like most of America, watching the Super Bowl. We did have two seals up on Sunday but we didn’t have to respond, since we have our weekends (mostly) off.

Charlie had his first softball game of the season. Apparently, the senior softball league is a big deal, the mayor and multiple politicians attended the “Opening Ceremony”… Who knew? Charlie had a pretty good game, 4 hits, and his team won, big time, in the seventh inning. It’s a long season, 22 weeks, then there’s the state tournament in Maui and a tournament in Las Vegas. The team is really a social club, and they hold events to raise funds to support the costs of attending the tournaments. So we’ll be involved for weeks to come!


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