Back on line

It seems ….finally…..I got the WordPress program to respond, it was pretty frustrating for a while. So now back to normal.

Good old W06 has been coming back and resting on our south shore beaches, I think she considers it home and it may be that she is still recovering from her recent miscarriage. 4DP, another female, joined W06 on Lawai beach this week and brought a male buddy. It was one that we haven’t seen before (untagged) perhaps from Ni’ihau. The last time I saw her was in October and she had seemed pretty large at that time. Perhaps she has pupped…… hard to know for sure since there are no witnesses. We had three seals up on a very small beach, Lawai, quite a treat for the visitors.

Tuesday night, we sat out on “the wall” along with about 40 of our best friends.

A lot of these people are from Canada, and come every winter for 3 months. And sitting on the wall to watch the setting sun and a chance to glimpse the green flash is an obsession. Plus a chance to have a drink and socialize with the Canuks! They’ve even had t- shirts printed, featuring a photo of Wall Nuts enjoying their favorite daily activity. Quite a group, and lots of fun.

We were lucky enough to see the proverbial “green flash”, of course many cheers were heard.

2015/01/img_1724.jpg here is the sequence (photo by Shannon)

See, the green flash isn’t a myth.

We’ve had high surf warnings most of this week, and the local paper reported waves 60 to 100 feet have been observed on the outer reefs of the north shore. Swimmers have been advised to avoid the north shore beaches. At the same time, the high surf brings in pro surfers.

On the weekend, we had 6 seals up on the south shore…I think that is a record for us. Two at Poipu, one at lawai and 3 at Mahaulepu . We saw a little young seal on the rocks at Brennekes on Friday and he was on the sand at Mahaulepu again on Sunday. It’s one we haven’t seen before, a weaner from Ni’ihau probably. A really cute little guy that Shannon called puppy eyes.


He’s quite small and thin, we’ll need to keep an eye on him to see that he’s not losing weight.

Unfortunately for me I came down with the crud that has been going around and developed a bad cough on Sunday that laid me low Sunday night…..maybe the flu. We had both been a little sick over the weekend, but fell well enough to go to Joanie’s and Doug’s Sunday night for dinner. Had a nice time and felt well that evening. But developed a cough during the night, which kept me from sleeping and wiped me out. Will plan on resting the next few days.


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