Never a dull moment

This blog is late because in the middle of writing it, the app crashed. It has taken this long to get it back up, but now it is in a different format, and much harder to use. I’m still trying to restore the previous version, so the next few days the weekly aspect of the blog may suffer.

We were surprised this week with the addition of a new “fountain” in Koloa.

2015/01/img_1727.jpg It appears that a visitor ran into a fire hydrant, and essentially decapitated it. It was a big deal, everyone came out to watch. Charlie took the picture on his way back from practice. Big News.


This time of the year is absolutely phenomenal for running note how lovely my morning run is.image

It was still an eventful week. Charlie had his first softball ‘scrimmage’, four teams where the winners and losers of the first two games each play a second game. They lost their first game, but then won the second. And they had been tied going into the top of the seventh in the first game, before they lost. These were practice games before the season opener, and then afterwards the four teams and fans had a joint pot luck. I had gone on a whale watch in the morning so I missed both of his games but I did attend the potluck. Curiously, the food consists of, not jello, not potato salad but fish tempura, poke and various Japanese stir fries, and of course beer. It was fun to meet the other players and to watch the play. One has to be older than 59 in order to play and there are many wrapped knees etc. but the play is pretty darned good. His team is named the West Kauai Seniors and they are quite serious. One of the pitchers in the first game ended up with two badly scraped and bloody knees, trying to field a ground ball.

My whale watch was incredible. We left Kukui’ula Harbor and cruised east along the coast past Mahaulepu to Kipu Kai (this was a benefit for Malama Mahaulepu), a group whose purpose is to preserve Mahaulepu and was in conjunction with the Sierra Club. The views were stunning and a joy to see our coastline from a different perspective. We did see many whales and also with a microphone lowered into the water, heard their songs. Unfortunately none of us got any good pictures – darn!


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