It must be winter

The temps have dropped here, with highs struggling to get towards 80. And we’ve had lows in the 60s. We’ve even had to put a blanket on our bed, to ward off the cold nights. But it’s mostly sunny, with a few clouds and an occasional shower. As long as it doesn’t snow and the roads don’t freeze, we’re good.

Kauai being a tourist destination, we meet people from all over the world. And it’s especially nice when we meet people from Wisconsin. This past week we were maintaining a seal protective zone for K90 at Waiohai when Charlie saw a woman (and her husband) that he knew from Alliant Energy. They had a nice discussion, mainly about living on Kauai and being warm in the winter. It’s a common theme! This week the number of visitors greatly increased. We see it in the number of cars as well as people on the beach. When it gets crowded like this, the parking lot at Poipu is completely filled, and cars are parked everywhere. Including right under ‘no parking’ signs. And it will only get worse – on New Year’s Eve 4,000 to 5,000 people are expected for the evening entertainment and fireworks. We hope there won’t be any seals then.

Softball practice for Charlie continues – the season doesn’t start until the end of January, and then lasts almost 6 months. They practice twice a week – he was pretty rusty at first, but now much improved. Charlie is discovering how hard it is to get back into shape, he comes home after almost every practice with a new pulled muscle. Makes me wonder how he’ll last the 6 month season!

We had a really nice Christmas Day. Our friends Joanie and Doug came over in the morning, and we exchanged gifts. Then we had brunch – shrimp cocktail, eggs Benedict, green salad, homemade orange and pecan rolls, and champagne. Later in the day we went to their house for a Christmas dinner party, with two other couples.

Christmas Eve we went to a sunset pupu party at fellow seal volunteer’s Tree and Shannon’s condo. We saw a few whale spouts, and the view from their condo is spectacular.



As on the mainland, gas prices here have dropped, at least at Costco. This week gas was $2.99. Never thought we’d see that again, not here. But while Costco’s prices have fallen, other gas stations have not followed. Their prices are about 80 to 90 cents higher. Normally Costco is 25 to 30 cents cheaper. The difference must be due to long term contracts.

Like last year, Santa paddled into Poipu to distribute candy to the keikis, but unlike last year Santa and his elves dumped the outrigger canoe. All on board were soaked, including the bag full of candy. Pretty funny to see all the elves shirtless and Santa’s aloha shirt sticking to him as they paddled into the beach. It must have pretty funny to round up all the floating candy. The beach was busier than I’ve ever seen it, probably because the North Shore was rainy with flash flood warnings and Poipu is almost always sunny. And speaking of the north shore being rainy, there was an article in the paper this past week of 62 hikers needing to be rescued. Kalalau trail at Na Pali is quite popular, although a difficult hike. And when it rains, the rivers over flow, cutting people off from the return trail. Helicopters had to go in and rescue all these people. And this is not an uncommon occurrence.

The tree tunnel got new yellow center lines about a week ago, and within a day the lines were curled up and all over the road. Obviously they were yellow tape….pretty darned funny to see the remnants in shreds so soon, plus county workers walking the road shoulders to pick up the tape. Charlie always comments that the roads (considering we have no frost heaving) disintegrate into huge potholes so quickly… must be related.

Christmas was fun but the warmth and lack of snow and cold does seem a little less Christmassy.
We will leave you with a picture from the “wall”



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