The holidays are fast approaching.

The week started with a White Elephant party at Doug and Joanie’s, neither of us knew what that meant (maybe it’s not a Wisconsin thing). Luckily the Internet bailed us out and we arrived to the party with the expected White Elephant gifts, drew numbers to determine the gift sequence, and one by one selected a gift. If when your turn arrived, you wanted one of the gifts that had already been selected, you’d take it in lieu of opening a gift. The gift could only be ‘stolen’ twice. It made for much hilarity. We came home with some napkin rings and a large chocolate ball. Most gifts were nice, but there were a couple of ‘dogs’ that we were glad we didn’t end up with.

On Monday I was informed that the master gardener program beginning in February has been cancelled. Turns out that the instructor is leaving, and right now they don’t have anyone to take her place. I’m still hoping they find someone, I think it would be an interesting program.

On Wednesday, I went to the fridge to draw a glass of water, as soon as I stopped, the ice maker door started opening and closing repeatedly …..every 5 seconds, very weird. If that wasn’t bad enough, the behemoth stopped cooling and freezing. Since Sears left the island a year ago, there are only a couple of repair shops on the island. One didn’t have time to come out until mid January, Sears 800 number replied that nobody was available until next week sometime, but, finally we found someone to check it out and could come on Thursday. The repairman determined that the fridge needed a new circuit board, not only is it expensive but it was not in stock and it would take at least two weeks to get it. (One aspect about living on an island is the corrosive nature of the air – everyone says that electronics don’t last very long here). the door gaskets also need replacing, so we ended up going to Home Depot to look at new refrigerators. the only other place that has appliances is Kmart, and they have little selection. Such are the trials of living on an isolated island. Luckily our friend Donna is on the mainland and has a refrigerator that we can use for the two days before ours is delivered. So we took everything out of ours (the frozen foods were on the verge of thawing), and drove over to Donna’s condo and loaded up her refrigerator.

Later that night we discovered that the dishwasher wasn’t working, and then also the disposal. And the bedroom lights would dim when the hall lights were turned on. I was getting ready to call in a Hawaiian kumu to bless the house! Calmer minds prevailed and Charlie called our electrician who happened to be on the mainland. Luckily one of his electricians was available. He came over and decided that the problem was the meter connecting to the utility. So we called the utility, they came out and said, no, it wasn’t the meter but our main disconnect breaker. This would make us responsible for any damage to the appliances (we’re seeing dollar signs floating past our eyes at this point). So we again called the electrician. The electrician returned and, yes, it was our breaker, he replaced it, and all the appliances were working, including the refrigerator which had already been given it’s last rites by the serviceman. whew! But we still had a new fridge coming. In the end, we decided to keep the new fridge and give away the old one. We called friends, and asked if they knew of anyone who needed a 5 year old refrigerator. And we found someone who was interested, and they came over on Sunday to get it. Everything is now back to normal minus a couple thousand dollars.

Saturday, my seal coordination day off, 4 seals came up and we ended up being called because many of the volunteers were busy shopping…etc. Charlie and I spent 5 hours on the beach…….and the crowds are back. Big time! It was nicer when we don’t have the hordes of people.

Finally, Sunday was back to normal…we did our usual Hyatt morning and then Doug and Joanie were over for dinner. Joanie cuddled with Allie so that she wouldn’t feel neglected while Comet looked on. What a week!




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