Monday started with a call that a dead seal was found off of Shipwreck trail. Charlie and I were called to investigate. After an hour trekking around the trail and through Poipu Bay golf course, we finally found the fisherman who reported it. By the time we and an officer from the Hawaiian Department of Conservation and Aquatic Resources arrived, the seal was gone and we suspect that it was just lolling in the surf. At least we hope that that’s what happened. We missed the first half of the Packer game but arrived home just in time to see the second half. The seal apparently swam away, and the Packers won, so everything turned out well!

Winter must have arrived because the low overnight temperature on Monday got to 63 degrees….blanket weather. But by 8 am the temps are in the low 70s, just perfect weather. But we do watch the mainland weather reports, and the scenes of blowing snow and freezing temperatures remind us of what we’ve left behind. If we owned sweatshirts, we’d wear them when watching these weather reports, just to ‘get the feel of winter’.

Our seal volunteer meeting drew a large number of volunteers, undoubtedly in response to the recent killing of a monk seal pup. Before discussing that topic, the main topic was a presentation by a marine biologist who spent 6 months on Kure Atoll working on the seal program there. The pictures were fascinating, and while it sounds like a great experience, it was a lot of hard work and long days. If I were 25 years old, I would be tempted to volunteer for something like this. But I’m not, so I’ll have to be content working with the seals on Kauai. The rest of the meeting was spent discussing the recent seal pup killing. There wasn’t any new information, so the discussion focussed on what we as a group of volunteers could do to promote respect for the environment and the ocean. Although several ideas were discussed, nothing definitive was arrived at.
Otherwise, the days are just packed, as can be seen in this typical afternoon picture. Hopefully you can see both kitties relaxing in their cat perch.


Our first sighting of breaching whales took place on Friday at sunset at the Waiohai Honu Bar. Everyone there cheered loudly…..it was a spectacular sight. We’ve also started back having a glass of wine and checking the sunset at the “Wall”. The horizon was clear enough on two evenings to provide the celebrated “Green Flash”, the green refraction just as the sun disappears under the horizon. We only become Wallnuts in the winter when the whales return and the sun sets far enough south that it isn’t setting over Ni’ihau, the island off Kauai’s west shore.

Old Town Koloa is gearing up for Christmas, with decorations…..such as a Hawaiian Santa, equipped with his surf board.


Our regular Mahaulepu hikes continue and I marvel at the early morning beauty of the beach.

The Heiau at Poipu that was dedicated last year is continuing to be worked on, it is supposed to eventually include a cultural center. Many walls are being built and it is a slow process. A new addition to the site is the Hawaiian flag.


Allie is growing by leaps and bounds and is great entertainment, even Comet has adjusted. Of course, they do need their quiet time.



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