Tragic week

We heard on Tuesday that one of our Kauai pups, F58, was beaten to death by an unknown individual. This was the daughter of RO58, better known as Rocky, one of the Oahu seals that births here. Mother and daughter were among the seals that had been attacked by a dog this summer that killed another young seal pup. F58 recovered from the bites, with the help of antibiotics. It is doubly tragic since it was one of the females, and of course females are essential if the population is to grow. The assumption is that the killer is a local person (the seal was killed at a local beach). There is a $10,000 reward for information leading to the culprit, but we are not too optimistic that anyone will report one of their neighbors, as they’d be afraid of being targeted. All of us seal people are devastated! By the end of the week, the local newspaper announced they would add $10,000 to the reward. Hopefully this will get results. And the reward keeps rising, now at $25,000. A Canadian environmental activist is the latest, contributing $5,000 to the reward fund.

We have been walking in the early mornings with our friends Donna and Shannon. Most days we walk the Poipu area, but once or twice a week we walk out at Mahaulepu. This isolated beach is awesome in the morning.


It’s about a 3 mile walk round trip at Mahaulepu, and Monday morning we lost a set of truck keys either in the sand or at a point at the end.



So, after getting a ride home to get a second set of keys, Charlie and I walked the whole distance again to no avail. Tuesday we did it again, still no luck. While at the far end of Mahaulepu, we got a seal call and had to rush back to Kiahuna Plantation to rope off V18. After getting the seal zone set up, we got another call about a seal at the Grand Hyatt. So we got Lynn to come to Kiahuna, and we went to the Hyatt. That turned out to be 1KY, a young seal that we had tagged last year. After days with no seals, all of a sudden we had two. Seal volunteer work is very unpredictable!

The weather this week also turned cooler, and also rainy. We went to a movie on Wednesday with Joanie and Doug, and wore long pants and light sweaters. We’ve also gone to the lava rock wall several times to watch the sunset, and the long sleeves and pants have been welcome.

On Friday Lihue had the annual Light parade. We observed from Kauai brewery, the local brew pub on Rice street. And since we were there, we thought it only proper to quaff a brew. Half the island was in the parade and the other half was lined along Rice street to watch. Chairs were set up before noon for the 6 pm parade. We arrived only minutes before the start, and went straight to the brewery (appropriate for Wisconsin people). We got a couple of pints, 2 brew pub pretzels with hot mustard, and settled in to watch the parade. Every restored car on the island was decorated with lights, the humane society provided a santa’s sleigh pulled by dogs, the ubiquitous fire truck was decorated, kids carried light sabers, high school bands, every school, every church, and every other organization was represented. It was a veritable light show…..pretty darned cool! Definitely small town type parade. So after a couple beers and pretzels, we braved the light mist that was falling and returned home.

We did take one more unsuccessful walk to find the keys at Mahaulepu with Shannon. Instead of taking our keys back home, she took our picture.


Saturday, our seal day off, produced two seals at the Hyatt and we both ended up putting time in watching 1KY and K31.

We put up our artificial Christmas tree, the one that Anton and Marcia had taken to India for us in 2000. We are getting a lot of use from that tree. She looks like such an angel.

But even angels have their dark side – Allie apparently climbed in the tree on Saturday, bringing the whole tree crashing down. On the bright side, we now have far fewer ornaments to store for next Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Tragic week

    • Yes, it was extremely sad hopefully the person will be found. To answer your question about do we get to pet them. No, we aren’t allowed to either since we are trying to keep them wild. That said, however, one time when we tagged a pup I had the opportunity to touch him…..he was very soft with short hair. Pretty cool

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