They’re back!

There have been sightings of humpback whales for the past few weeks, although we hadn’t seen any until this week. We’ve gone to the lava rock wall in Poipu a few times over the past two weeks, and we finally saw a couple of whale spouts this week. Over the next few weeks their numbers will increase, seeing them will be much more frequent.

And in other ocean news, Hanalei bay on the the north shore was closed for swimming. A hammer head shark attacked a surfer about 30 yards off shore. The surfer wasn’t physically hurt, as the shark hit the surf board. Meanwhile, the beach remains closed. And last week a newspaper article reported that tiger sharks like patrolling near shore reef shelfs. And more specifically, they seem to prefer the water around Maui. Tiger sharks are the ones most responsible for attacks on humans.

This week has also brought a change in the weather. Over night the temperatures have dropped into the mid 60s, and the daily highs struggling to get to 80. The temperatures make for great sleeping! But it’s also a sign of our becoming more climate adjusted, as we find that even in the low 70s we need a sweater or light jacket. We’ve become climate wimps!

Allie and Comet appear to have bonded. Allie is definitely good for sedentary Comet. And when not terrorizing Comet, she races around the house, often with a cat toy in her mouth. Our floor is covered with cat toys – she’s a spoiled little girl!

We celebrated Thanksgiving at Doug and Joanie’s they had just returned from a 4 week cruise on Tuesday but hosted the feast anyway. We had a wonderful time and, as usual, ate too much. A couple of views of the party.



That pesky W06 hauled out on Wednesday afternoon so we watched the sunset from Poipu beach, luckily she gave us a break and didn’t return on Thursday. Thursday the winds picked up to about 40 mph, blew plants off the lanai, and broke a vase and a flower pot at the same time, it even blew the cover of a street light and deposited it in our front yard.
We got a call on Friday about a seal on the “far end of Poipu beach”. Not knowing what that was describing, we checked Shipwreck….no seal….then walked Mahalepu beach, about a mile, to the very end and there, sprawled out on the sand, was Maka Kea (otherwise known as K13.). Her name is Hawaiian for White Eye since she is blind in one eye. We put signs up, identified her, and walked back. We had walked the same beach that morning to record the sunrise, we are getting a lot of walking exercise lately.

Senior softball season is getting close, practice started this week so Charlie and I are getting him into throwing shape by going to a softball diamond and playing catch every day. We both are improving, it has taken some getting-used-to since the ball is so much bigger than either of us has played with before. Both my throwing and catching is much better though, and since Charlie likes to burn the ball in, my left hand has developed a few bruises. Next week, when Charlie goes to practice with the team, he should be back into the groove. It was discouraging at first since it had been some 35 years since he last played and he was just a little rusty.
Sunday night we had Donna, Tree, Shannon and Sydney over for a prime rib dinner to send Donna off to the mainland……notice Allie was real excited.



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