It’s been a slow week in Lake Wobegon

With apologies to Garrison Keillor, it’s been a slow week in Kauai. All that will undoubtedly change as we head into the start of the holiday season. We’ve already met several people from Canada, and they’ll be joined by lots of people from the snow regions. Might even get some people from Wisconsin!

This week’s lunch at KCC featured Japanese cuisine.

Japanese cuisine features lots of colorful and strange looking items!

After several Asian meals at KCC, I’m finally starting to master chopsticks. We’ve gotten to know the head of the “gourmet dinners” so that whenever he has a cancellation, we get called. It’s so much fun to get to know the students. And the food is very good.

We did get one seal up on the rocks at the Sheraton, K90, but we didn’t need to rope her off or to stay to monitor, a welcome relief.

Friday night was the artist’s reception for the stick sculpture at the National Tropical Gardens. The weather was perfect for the celebration, Patrick Dougherty thanked all the volunteers, took pictures with us and had us sign his work gloves. He had an eleven o’clock flight to catch but joined everyone with sparkling wines, pupus, and jazz under the stars. Pretty cool!
The final product (Charlie thought it looked like a two story bird cage for humans; or maybe a giant spider):



The structure is made from invasive species (a good way to get rid of them), including bamboo and eucalyptus. I worked on constructing some of the columns, and it certainly was a memorable experience. I found out that I’m allergic to eucalyptus! I broke out after working with it all morning – my face was all puffy, my eyes swollen, and I was very congested. No pictures were available of this memorable scene!

The weekend was especially busy……on Saturday evening, we joined a number of acquaintances from the Kauai music scene to take in a Kauai Children’s theater production of Shrek, The Musical. It is surprising that such a small island would have such a professional production. It was thoroughly enjoyable and very funny. A local actor had seen Shrek on Broadway and commented that the props were every bit as good. And it soon will be EKK season – we volunteer at these Hawaiian music events, which are held Monday evenings January through March.

We ended the week at a restaurant called the Hukilau on the east side with our friends Tree, Shannon and Donna. It’s Tree and Shannon’s favorite restaurant – we hadn’t been there before, but we knew of it. It’s funny how on Kauai people tend to stay in their own areas or regions. The only times we go to the east or north shores is for seal duty. So it was fun to go there for a social activity.


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