It’s cooler now, must be winter

The week started out with very pleasant nighttime temperatures. We’ve actually had to pull a blanket up at night.

Peter also took me out and let me use one of his standup surf boards. This was my third time trying it and I’ve finally figured the balance. I was so excited to stay up for 45 minutes, in fact, I had to jump in after the board was on the sand just to get wet.

Last week the big news on the island was the grand opening of a new Long’s drug store on the east side. The local paper had several pictures of the crowd that lined up outside, waiting for the store to open. Just another reminder that we’re on a small island. And this week the paper had an article about a new development planned for the north shore. The project will include 350 homes and a golf course and club house. Initial cost will be $300,000, with annual dues of $30,000. Members have to purchase property, with condos starting at $2.5 million. Ranches will go as high as $10 million. Eventually they’ll also have 20 equestrian homes. So that’s Kauai, where the locals get excited about the opening of a new drug store, and clipping coupons to get a bargain. Meanwhile developers come in with $500 million for an upscale country club/housing project. And most of these will be second or even third homes. And a few weeks ago it was announced that Mark Zuckerberg purchased 750+/- acres on the north shore for about $135 million for a private home. We have all the extremes here on Kauai!

We had few seals this week, only W06, who hauled out on Wednesday in the afternoon and didn’t go back in until night. The tourists, as usual, crowded up as close as possible, we have to retrain every new group.

On Friday, our friend, Sydney and I spent 4 hours working on an art project in the Botanical garden. Patrick Dougherty, an internationally known artist is creating one of his stick art structures using invasive species (bamboo, eucalyptus, and a variety of plum) in the McBride garden, and needed volunteers to work on it. My job was stringing sticks in two of the vertical columns, I was proud to be contributing to the project. It was hard work, but fun, though I must be allergic to bamboo, because my eyes started to water and my nose was running until I took an antihistamine. Pat has even constructed one of his projects in Madison. He is the nicest man and so patient with his inexperienced helpers. This is Pat giving us instructions:

A view of the scaffolding and one of the windows.


The structure is two stories and I got to climb the scaffolding to check out the dome from the inside…pretty cool, because when it is done nobody will be able to get up there.
A view of the dome from the inside.

The last picture shows a little of my handiwork on the columns.


The construction work continues this coming week, with a celebration event at the end of the week. While it was fun working on the structure (Charlie calls it a birdhouse for humans), I probably won’t volunteer again. I ended up breaking out with an allergic reaction, probably to the bamboo.

The surf on the south side has been quite low, not like the north side. Gary Langley, a north shore volunteer, took these pictures of the surf up there. The faces were reported to be 20 feet.



Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away, and we’re invited to Doug and Joanie’. So we decided to have an early Thanksgiving dinner – we love the aroma of a baking turkey in the house. Our friends Donna and Madeline, joined us.
Closing with sunrise on Sunday at the Grand Hyatt.



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