Ana missed us

Ana, the category 1 hurricane missed us by about 70 miles. We got some rain and wind but no damage. Residents responded with no panic but were prepared. Because hurricane Iniki caused so much damage 22 years ago, Kauai has a healthy respect for them. Hurricane season continues for another month, but there’s a sense that the season is over. Wait and see…..

Monday and Tuesday were both seal-free, so we accomplished numerous projects such as helping our friend, Donna, get furniture for her move to another place in Poipu. We ended up helping her with lots of things, so spent quite a bit of time at her condo (which she’s selling) and her new place. She’s moving into the lower level of a house that has a view of the ocean. The owners are friends of hers, and only spend a couple of months here in the summer. When they’re here, she’ll go to the mainland to be with her family there.

The weather (cooler) also allowed us to open all the windows and turn off the AC. The trades are back, and the last few days have been terrific. This morning it was actually cool, and Charlie put on socks and a long sleeved shirt. And it’s not even winter yet! We must be getting acclimated!

Allie continues to charm us with her energy and her purring, Comet too has accepted the little intruder.


Seal count was held on Saturday, this is 3 hours when every beach on the main Hawaiian islands is checked for seals and reported by volunteers, to the central seal recovery folks. Charlie and I covered about 6 miles of beach from Shipwreck beach to the end of Mahaulepu beach. The first part is quite hilly (and sandy) and the second part a wide sand beach. We saw no seals to report, but 8 were reported on our island. It’s strange, because we normally will see 15 to 20 seals on any given day here. Needless to say, after hiking for three hours in the heat and in the sand, we were pretty darned tired…and sweaty.


Comet amazes me with his patience – It’s sure cute though. The size difference is also amazing. Of course she’s only 3 months old, but we doubt that she’ll be as large as Comet is.



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