Welcome Allie

Our week became special when we adopted Allie, a Maine coon kitten from Maui. We were missing Hayley and debated about getting a kitten so soon, but Allie has already captured our hearts.


IMG_1581.JPGeven Comet seems to have accepted her.
She certainly livens up the house, as well as being a purr machine.


Last week we heard some interesting news about our north shore at Larsen’s beach. This is where the seals like to pup, and we’re there frequently from May through July. Inland from Larsen’s is a bluff area, which is off limits to the public. Earlier we had heard that part of the bluff was going to be developed into 80 luxury lots. This was a concern, because one of the attractions for the seals is that the beach is isolated, so few interactions with people. Developing that area could change that. But last week we heard that 800 acres had been purchased for $135 million by Mark Zuckerberg. Nothing definite as to what he intends to do with it.

The seal W06, who we sometimes think is a problem, she evidently didn’t read the seal guide book. She has been up almost every day this week. We couldn’t understand why she was acting so funny until on Friday, we discovered that she was molting. Monk seals molt once a year, they shed their whole outer layer of hide, leaving a nice clean body. During the molt, they do not feel very good, their eyes get crusty, they smell and the skin layer peels off, they don’t look too pretty. Usually the seal lays on the beach for a week to ten days while this process takes place. Again, she didn’t read the book and she goes in swimming every night and comes up again in the morning. This also means that we are called to the beach every day. It seems to be progressing quickly, so we hope that it won’t take another week. She looks pretty yukky.


The weather has improved here tremendously with the return of the trade winds. It’s much more comfortable when the trades are blowing. And the cooler weather also seems to mark the start of visitor season, at least for us. This week a colleague of Charlie’s from Alliant Energy was here, and this coming week a former colleague of Charlie’s arrives from SF. And in December the whales will be back, but they won’t be staying with us. 😊


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